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Amazing and True!

Yes, you saw it here first, well unless you have access to the BBC.  I love these new discoveries, the world is awash in them.  Now if I could interest you in some land just outside of Seattle where the sun never stops shining.  Just give me a call and Happy April Fool’s Day!

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Do you hear it?
I do.
I can feel it.
I expect a miracle is coming.
It has set loose this restlessness
inside of me.

Expect it.
Dream about it.
Give birth to it in your being.
Know! Something good
is coming down the line.
Finding its way to you
like all things find their way
to god’s children.


A Night Without Armor

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I last wrote about Neville’s Art of Revision in this lovely tradition of ending the day just before sleep and taking an event or two that didn’t pan out quite the way I wanted and revising how I experienced it in my imagination.  I purposely am not revising the actual event only my experience of it.   I am allowing a state of inner alignment to come forth rather than making something happen in my outer world.  I’m so loving doing this, too, as it effects a state of inner harmony. I actually look forward to the end of the day and going to sleep and what might I revise today.

Now I’ve decided to play it forward a little bit.  This is somewhat like Abraham’s Segment Intending except again I am not pre-paving how a future event unfolds, instead I’m imagining how I feel and experience the day.  I’m spending a little bit of time even before I get out of bed to do this.

I can’t say yet if anything has changed in my external world but my internal experience has shifted.  This practice is to be generous in spirit to my self.  It is an act truly of befriending the self and I can only imagine good emanating from that.

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