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This is a follow up on my original post
I Take To Be Real.

What one takes to be real is what we believe, what we take to be true in our world.  They are often statements that contain the words: I, I am, me, myself.  These statements reveal what we believe and take to be real and true about the world and ourselves in it.  Seth, Abraham Hicks, Science of Mind, The Field Center and other New Thought thinkers all state that beliefs are creative.  What we take to be real will reproduce as fact in our experience.  I have made a list of what I do take to be real that I am re-affirming and considered keepers.

I take to be real that anything can change in an instant.
I take to be real that empty, open hands are more allowing than closed, holding onto hands.
I take to be real I can be free of anything that I am willing to witness without judgement.
I take to be real I live in a mysterious Universe whose full essence I am willing to let myself be happily lost within.
I take to be real I live in a benevolent Universe.
I take to be real the Universe is absolutely rigged in our favor.
I take to be real this Universe is a friendly and loving place with harmony and balance as it’s basic nature.
I take to be real that Love is the building blocks of the Universe.
I take to be real that everything always works out for me in the end.

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Leap Into The Void

Image by Feng Jiang


In each life there comes at least one moment
which, if recognized and seized, transforms
the course of that life forever.

Rely, therefore, on radical trust, even though
the moment may call for you to leap
empty-handed into the void.

~Ralph H. Blum~
The Book of Runes

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