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It’s day 3 of being aware of where I place my consciousness.  I’ve chosen
to place it on the side of what is friendly and beautiful to self and others,
and what promotes inner peace and harmony.

Did I stop thinking unfriendly, discordant thoughts?  No, I’m just more
mindful.  So much so, I could say that I am in my own corner now.  I’m my
own personal advocate for living inside a world that feels friendly, beautiful
and peaceful.

I came off of an hour long conference call this morning and could feel the
unfriendly knot I had in my abdomen and the swirling thoughts and feelings
around it.  I took my hands and balled them into fists, placed them at the
knot in my abdomen and named every unfriendly thought I was feeling:
helpless, inadequate, guilty.  Then I took my balled up hands, unfurled them
and with arms outstretched and palms to the sky – I said: Dear God, I surrender
and come to you with wholly empty hands.  My wholly empty hands that no
longer have to do another thing but release this and rest there.

So powerful this was for me that I nearly became a puddle of myself on the floor.
Deeply relaxed and relieved.  I am in my own corner and I’ve got the Universe
on my side, too.  And I remembered that today.  I remembered.  Oh, what a
relief that is.

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