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I adore this quote below from Seth.  This is so beautiful to think in terms of an
inbred optimism and a biological faith that is the underpinning of it all.  I love
that.  This *is* our natural state – that just feels so right on the mark to me!

Optimism is reflected in many areas of life.

Many birds in their fantastic migrations demonstrate an amazing
optimism, traveling thousands of miles to distant shores, almost
literally flying by faith, as it were, ignoring all dangers,
unbeseiged by doubts.

There is no hesitancy, but the sure flight. Birds do not question
whether or not the weather will be favorable, the winds fair or foul.
They simply fly towards their destination. Even if some birds do
fall or die, this in no way impedes or undermines the faith of the

Monarch butterflies, in their remarkable migrations, often fly toward
land that they have never seen themselves — and yet they reach their

In all such cases there is an inbred biological faith, that courage
and vitality, that biological optimism. It acts the same in people,
triggering the necessary bodily responses. Only when the optimism is
severely tampered with do the physical mechanism falter. Even then,
however, all creatures are sustained by that innate gift, that inner
sense of security that not only propels creatures toward life, but
safely conducts them past physical life and past death’s doorway.

The way toward health is simplicity itself.

~Excerpted from The Way Towards Health~

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