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One God

Growing up, my parent’s had this album by Johnny Mathis, Good Night Dear Lord.  I used to lay on the floor on my stomach, propped up on my elbows in front of the stereo and listen to it.  This was one of my favorite songs on it – so loving and so inclusive.  Barbara Streisand would revive it more than 40 years later.  Below is Johnny Mathis’ version and the lyrics following are faithful to this version.

Millions of stars placed in the skys
By One God
Millions of men lift up their eyes
To One God
So many children calling to him
By many a different name
One father
Loving each the same
Many the ways all of us pray
To One God
Many the paths
Winding their way
To One God
Walk with me brother
There were no strangers

After his work was done
For your God and my God
Are One
So many children calling to him
By many a different name
One father
Loving each the same
Many the ways all of us pray
To One God
Many the paths winding their way
To One God
Walk with my brother
there were no strangers
After his work was done
for your God, and my God
Are One!

~written by Ervin Drake and Jimmy Shirl~

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Image by Feng Jiang


Existence is beyond the power of words
To define:
Terms may be used
But are none of them absolute.
In the beginning of heaven and earth there were no
Words came out of the womb of matter;
And whether a man dispassionately
Sees to the core of life
Or passionately
Sees the surface,
The core and the surface
Are essentially the same,
Words making them seem different
Only to express appearance.
If name be needed, wonder names them both:
From wonder into wonder
Existence opens.

~Lao Tzu~
Translated by Witter Bynner

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Image by Feng Jiang


What we look for beyond seeing
And call the unseen,
Listen for beyond hearing
And call the unheard,
Grasp for beyond reaching
And call the withheld,
Merge beyond understanding
In a oneness
Which does not merely rise and give light,
Does not merely set and leave darkness,
But forever sends forth a succession of living things as
As the unbegotten existence to which they return.
That is why men have called them empty phenomena,
Meaningless images,
In a mirage
With no face to meet,
No back to follow.
Yet one who is anciently aware of existence
Is master of every moment,
Feels no break since time beyond time
In the way life flows.

~Lao Tzu~
Translated by Witter Bynner

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This is a follow up on my original post
I Take To Be Real.

What one takes to be real is what we believe, what we take to be true in our world.  They are often statements that contain the words: I, I am, me, myself.  These statements reveal what we believe and take to be real and true about the world and ourselves in it.  Seth, Abraham Hicks, Science of Mind, The Field Center and other New Thought thinkers all state that beliefs are creative.  What we take to be real will reproduce as fact in our experience.  I have made a list of what I do take to be real that I am re-affirming and considered keepers.

I take to be real that anything can change in an instant.
I take to be real that empty, open hands are more allowing than closed, holding onto hands.
I take to be real I can be free of anything that I am willing to witness without judgement.
I take to be real I live in a mysterious Universe whose full essence I am willing to let myself be happily lost within.
I take to be real I live in a benevolent Universe.
I take to be real the Universe is absolutely rigged in our favor.
I take to be real this Universe is a friendly and loving place with harmony and balance as it’s basic nature.
I take to be real that Love is the building blocks of the Universe.
I take to be real that everything always works out for me in the end.

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Leap Into The Void

Image by Feng Jiang


In each life there comes at least one moment
which, if recognized and seized, transforms
the course of that life forever.

Rely, therefore, on radical trust, even though
the moment may call for you to leap
empty-handed into the void.

~Ralph H. Blum~
The Book of Runes

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[Image from the Japanese anime film: Grave of the Fireflies]


This is one of my favorite children’s poems below.  I borrowed a line from it just after we moved to our present home outside of Seattle.  Everything had been unpacked, furniture arranged, pictures hung.  I sat down to write from that place of contented completion with “every little nail asleep in the wall”.  And then following that are a few more of my favorite children’s poems including my all time favorite: Firefly.  These all are taken out of a book entitled: Poems and Prayers For The Very Young, selected and illustrated by Martha Alexander.

Sleepy Song

Every little nail
Asleep in the wall,
Every little lamb
Asleep in the stall,
Every little flower
Asleep in the dew,
Oh, my little darling,
Go to sleep, too!
Oh, my little darling,
Go to sleep, too!

~Arthur Guiterman~


I wake in the morning early
and always, the very first thing,
I poke out my head and I sit up in bed
And I sing and I sing and I sing.

~Rose Fyleman~


A little light is going by,
Is going up to see the sky,
A little light with wings.

I never could have thought of it,
To have a little bug all lit
and made to go on wings.

~Elizabeth Madox Roberts~

A Kite

I often sit and wish that I
Could be a kite up in the sky,
And ride upon the breeze and go
Whichever way I chanced to blow.


The Sun

I told the sun that I was glad
I’m sure I don’t know why;
somehow the pleasant way he had
Of shining in the sky,
Just put a notion in my head
That wouldn’t it be fun
If, walking on the hill, I said
“I’m happy” to the sun.

~John Drinkwater~

Who Has Seen The Wind?

Who has seen the wind?
Neither I nor you:
But when the leaves hang trembling,
The wind is passing through.

Who has seen the wind?
Neither you nor I:
But when the trees bow down their heads,
The wind is passing by.

~Christina G. Rossetti~

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Love is Timeless

This is a one minute video seen by 10 million people in less than a year on youtube.  Youtube is such a great format to bring us these kinds of heartwarming renderings that previously sat in someone’s video vault.

Bet you can’t watch it without at least one little happy tear coming to your eyes!

Told ya!  There is another video at youtube depicting more images of their life with Christian.  And this month they have published a book: Christian the Lion by Anthony Bourke and John Rendall.

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Image by DeZane imagination_by_dezane

This is a Neville quote below and then following that my comments.  Neville Goddard did many lectures and was very popular in So. Cal back in the 50’s and 60’s.  He would fill a lecture hall and speak on the power of imagination.  It’s a lost art perhaps and here he talks about the art of revision.

“Now this morning I have brought you the means by which this mighty power in us may be awakened. I call it the art of revision. I take my day and I review it in my mind’s eye. I start with the first incident in the morning. I go through the day – when I come to any scene in my unfolding day that displeased me, or if it didn’t displease me, if it was not as perfect as I thought it could have been, I stop right there and I revise it. I re-write it, and after I have re-written it so that it conforms to the ideal I wished I had experienced, then I experience that in my imagination as though I had experienced it in the flesh. I do it over and over until it takes on the tone of reality, and experience convinces me that that moment that I have revised and relived will not recede into my past. It will advance into my future to confront me as I have revised it. If I do not revise it, these moments, because they never recede and they always advance, will advance to confront me perpetuating that strange, unlovely incident. But if I refuse to allow the sun to descend upon my wrath so that at the end of a day I never accept as final the facts of the day, no matter how factual they are, I never accept them, and revising it I repeal the day and bring about corresponding changes in my outer world.”

Another aspect that Neville teaches, is to engage imaginative events playing out right before you fall asleep.  I think the reasoning behind that is because you plant seed in a fertile, non-resistant ground while you slumber.  I like the art of revision but instead of using it to revise an entire day, that just seems like too much effort and I like easy, so instead I will pick one significant experience I had during the day and revise it in my imagination, in my mind’s eye, right before I go to sleep.  As I understand it, the idea is not to necessarily change events themselves but instead revise my direct of experience of them, though you could probably play around with revising whatever you wanted to.  I love how he says in revising it: I repeal the day.  In essence, I nullify whatever day’s event was displeasing to me and I start anew.

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You feel as you feel because you
believe in a certain fashion.
Your feelings follow your conscious

Seth – Jane Roberts
ESP Class – July 30, 1974

So often in the past I have felt that my emotions, my feelings were the potential problem.  It’s as if they existed as some separate entity.  If I felt happy, I felt good, if I felt really sad, I felt bad.  The connection that I wasn’t making and this is something the Field Center also talks about, as Seth does in the above quote — feelings follow intention or what we take to be real.  The first time I heard that, it was like stepping out of the hypnotic trance of my emotions.  My feelings are just information.  They tell me what I am believing.  Understanding what I’m believing gives me choice to question it, to believe it or not.  But to look at it from the standpoint of emotion alone was to miss the whole picture.

I care about what I believe, what I take to be real –  what I identify with is what I breathe life into.  I am in this moment creating my present, my future and interestingly, also my past.  Today is tomorrow’s past.  Funny how that works.

Well, I don’t have all the answers, even though I like to pretend I do on some days.  Some days I try way too hard.  Some days I am willing to let this loving, benevolent Universe work through me.  Some days I’m willing to trust that whatever unfolds is doing so for my greater Good.  Some days I get by on the skin of my teeth and Grace.  I think I love more than anything living in a Universe that I absolutely know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, bends in our favor with so much Grace and Love.  And some days, that’s my resting place and it’s enough.

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You arrive after years like a bird with a broken beak.
You are finally a breath away from everything.
You ask if there’s a poem for you.
Of course, there is a poem in everything.
The whole way home I search for what it might be.

I send this now as a mirror, for the poem is in
the crack along your beak.  So go outside and let
the sun spill through the crack into your heart.
Can you feel it?  That quiver in your throat?

It’s the quiver of your soul, gasping like a swimmer
held under too long.  Though you have betrayed it,
it will never betray you.

Let the sun flood the crack till it illuminates
the poem which is the pain that brought you here.
It is our teacher.

~Mark Nepo~
Surviving Has Made Me Crazy

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