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Years from now our children and our children’s children will read about it.  The great media hoax.  Yes, you heard it here first.  :)  The great media hoax that says we are living in especially economic “bad”, hard times.  They’ll read how millions of people were willing to believe it and how that belief fed on itself and perpetuated the myth that then took form.  This is our media and what it projects on the screen is merely a reflection of what we are willing to believe.  It is a very literal view on the TV screen that we are willing to give our authority to.  How do we do that?  By watching it, reading it, listening to it, paying attention to it, lending our agreement to it and ultimately our consent.

What a great mirror it is that reflects how easily we hand over our authority to some unwanted thing by giving our attention and our consent to it.  And over time the consent that we repeatedly give to something causes a thing to harden into fact.  We forget we have a choice.

Ah, yes, I remember now.  I do have a choice.  Forget about the great media hoax, this too shall pass.  In my everyday life what I want to pay attention to, the question I want to ask myself, especially when I begin to travel down a path that just plain feels yucky – I want to remember this question:  What am I giving my consent to?  What am I lending my agreement with?  And then, deep breath.  What do I want to give my attention to?  What am I willing to believe?  What do I want to give my consent to?

What shall I take to be real in my world today?

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