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I Am The Day

Well color me as having lived under a rock! :)  Where have I been that I am just now discovering this group of angelic boy singers from the UK?!  You can find more information about their not for profit singing group at http://www.libera.org.uk  Here they are now performing this gorgeous song: I Am The Day.  And check out the little boy who occasionally appears in the left foreground, he has a full body zest for singing this song!

I am the day, soon to be born
I am the light before the morning

I am the night, that will be dawn
I am the end and the beginning

I am the alpha and omega
The night and day, the first and last

Illuminosa, immortalis
Sancta gloriosa
Illuminosa, immortalis
Sancta gloriosa
In aeterna

I am the life, soon to begin
I am the new hope in the morning

I am the darkness, soon to be light
I am the rising and the falling

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