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This is for the lovers of Byron Katie’s work.  A very funny, just over one minute, video of a dog doing The Work.  If you are not familiar with The Work, you can find more videos under ‘The Work in Action’ at her website http://www.thework.com

Her work helps you to see who you would be without your story.  Your story is what The Field Center terms the immersed point of view.  It’s your thoughts about yourself, others and your experiences.  Left unquestioned, these thoughts can lead to suffering.  Field Center and BK’s work have similarities and differences but they have a common goal, to help us end our own personal suffering.

On another video I heard Byron Katie express: positive thinking will hold us on a lighter bed until we can get real, but it’s not enough, we have to get real.  This, I think, is why Abraham’s better feeling thought will only take us so far particularly on things that continue to surface again and again.  These issues that ‘stick in our craw’ call us to make a more thorough and honest inquiry of ourselves – what we are believing and who we are choosing to be so we can access the freedom we have to mindfully choose again.

And now for the lighter side:

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