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Sunblock in Seattle

unknown1I thought my Seattle, Pacific Northwest and Vancouver readers might appreciate this…or not! :)

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I have often heard it said: take time to smell the roses.  Take time is an
interesting phrase, isn’t it?  As if we could take it, steal it, lose it or the many
other things we associate with “time”.

And actually I digress because what I really want to talk about is not the roses
and not time but ordinary miracles.  I would like to fill my day with more moments
of recognizing ordinary miracles.  Yes they can be smelled yet also touched, seen,
heard, witnessed, enjoyed and reveled in.

I want to celebrate ordinary miracles.  The breath that is breathing me right now, door
knobs and door ways to thresholds to new possibilities to warmed skin, a warmed
home.  Wagging tails, purring bodies of fur and my daughter calling me “Momma”.
Tips of fingers flying across a keyboard, the miracle of touch.  And this avenue through
which I communicate and explore new ways to be in relationship with the world, with
*you*, the reader.  The spoken word, language and its many artful avenues.

Yes, today I want to indulge and frolic in moving consciously through moment upon
moment of countless, eternally expanding ordinary miracles!  This world is literally
overflowing and brimming with them.  Oh, what a joy to really know this to be true!

Love to all, Bethie

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