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I want you to do something. I want you to deal with this for the following week:
`This is my world, and in my world I am good.´ And I want you to apply that to
your lives. I want you to write what it means to you and how it can change your
lives if you realize it thoroughly. In your own lives, in your own world, you are
good. And, if you are good, and if you believe you are good, what changes might
you make? How might your attitude be altered?
Seth (ESP Class, 11-21-72)

I pulled this section out of a much longer explanation that Seth gives to the
question: why do people kill each other, why is there war?  I think I see what
Seth is saying here that peace must begin with me.  And what is inner peace
but to align with your own inherent goodness.

It must be then that if I am looking through a lens that says the world is
sometimes not a safe place it is because I am sometimes not a safe place.  And
I say that because it seems I am willing to still give myself to the belief that
I am not good enough in some ways.  During happier times, this voice seems
very quiet but other times, especially during “contrast-y” times it feels like
thunder rolling through me.  I realize that if I don’t see myself as good, if
I’m not at peace, if I am not a safe place, then how can anything in my world
reflect that.

I want to live right here and now, as if I and everything is intrinisically good.
I know deep down I truly believe this.  I just have practiced it’s opposite and
when the contrast hits the fan, everything like it seems to rise to the surface.
Well why is that?  Maybe it’s a call to heal this once and for all.  Maybe it’s
a call to really *consciously* question what I am willing to give myself to?  Am I
willing to give myself to my goodness, am I willing to give myself to I am a good,
safe and peaceful place?  Because that is who I really am and I do know this to
be true.

Now, am I willing to live what I know to be the truth, as truth?

Love, Bethie

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