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Pet A Cat


Well you know how Abraham encourages us to chill out and pet a cat?  I don’t know if it’s my hearing or what but I get slightly confused.  Somehow I think they are actually saying chill out and ‘get’ a cat.  After all they sound the same, it’s only one consonant difference, right?  :)

So now meet the new addition to our family – Allie.  Isn’t she adoreable?!  She’s pure white with blue eyes.  Here she is sleeping in the bed that Kayla, my youngest has made for her.

Right now she’s resting in a room separate from all the other animals that I’ve gotten, since I’ve done quite a bit of chillin’ and gettin’.  :)  Soon she will meet the rest of her new family.

Meanwhile when she wakes up, we’ve got little ribbons tied and dangling for her to play with.  Welcome to your new home Allie – sleep tight.  All is well.

Love, Bethie

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