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This is one of my first blog posts from May ’07 and includes how it all unfolded that I would name this blog:
Simply Blessed….

That’s where I create from, that heart centered place that knows I live in a benevolent Universe. What does that mean to me? It means the Universe is on my side, it’s rigged in my favor, in fact it’s on everyone’s side, including all of nature. Each of us born with a natural intuitive guidance. Many of us have been untrained away from that guidance in favor of pleasing others. But nature seems to follow it’s natural guidance quite well.

Still in all, my body and its functionings were orchestrated by a benevolent Universe and for the most part have not been untrained. Cut your finger and you may not know it but suddenly cells rush to the area each encoded with a job to do, some to heal, some to clot or stop bleeding, some to remove debris. It’s part of the healing process but nonetheless it is guided from a loving, benevolent and kind Broader Perspective.

Well that’s been my story and I kind of like sticking to it. It feels good to know the Universe has my back even when I stumble and don’t even seem to have my own back.

One day I walked out of an important meeting, lots of decisions being made about my son and where he would go to school – I stop and see written on a car bumper the words ‘simply blessed’. In that moment, I am flooded with relief in remembering that I am simply blessed.
Because I really believe that I am guided from a loving benevolent Universe, it shows me what I believe – that I am simply blessed. And at every turn, no matter what, no matter how bad it gets, and we all know how bad it can get, there is always, always the choice to remember I am simply blessed.

It’s not a few more hours later that day, I am following an ambulance with my son inside it. I keep up with every turn and suddenly we make a left turn into the most breathtaking view of Mt. Rainier. It’s one of the pleasures of living in and near Seattle as we do, sometimes you won’t see her for days, weeks or months. Maybe she’s covered in clouds, maybe I just wasn’t travelling near her and then you round a curve, make a turn and there she is in complete and total glory. It’s take your breath away stuff. The tears are streaming down my face but no longer because my son is in the ambulance but from the incredible reminder of just how blessed I am. And knowing that I have a choice to feel simply blessed every single day, every moment I choose to, even now when it’s hard, maybe even especially now.

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