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Funny, Strange, Amazing and True!

We are animal lovers.  We live in a house with five cats,
one dog, two fish and one guinea pig.

Princess Amber Lynn is our youngest kitty.  Yes, I know she
has three names.  They evolved over time.  :)  She is
such a gorgeous little tortie, so perfect for autumn.
And she is a ‘teenager’ at 19 months old.

So here’s the funny, strange and amazing part:
last night I found Princess nursing on Isabella.  What’s
strange about that?  Princess is not a baby kitty and
Isabella is not pregnant or lactating.  And Isabella is even
younger than Princess at 15 months of age.

Ok, weird but not that weird, right?  But wait…

Isabella is our spayed DOG!!!  I kid you not.  This happened
not once but three times yesterday.  Each attempt that Princess,
the kitty, made to nurse on Isabella, the dog – was met with
mixed responses.  The first nursing episode was the longest.
I went and grabbed the rest of my family to show them.  I knew
they would not believe it unless they saw it.  Isabella finally
scooted her way out of kitty’s reach.  The second time it happened,
I could almost hear Isabella utter an audible groan.  And the third time
it happened, Isabella got up and glared at Princess, as if to say
‘back off boogaloo’.

Yes, strange, funny, amazing and true!  I have no pictures
though, Isabella begged me not to immortalize it on film and I
promised her I would not.  :)

Love, Bethie

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