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Exactly how does one handle all the news about the economy
as a person who walks the new age/new thought movement walk?

Do you just ignore it?  Reach for a better feeling thought?  Turn
off the TV, walk away from the ‘water cooler’ conversations?
What’s a new age’r to do in these times?  I suspect we all handle
it in many ways.  None of them right or wrong.

My current theme that I’m moving towards flowing into all areas of my
life, not just the economy — is remembering that the nature of all things
is continually unfolding.

If I know that, then I don’t insert a period at the end of any economy
experience.  I remember when I’m making any judgement about a thing,
I am effectively inserting a period.  I consider myself a recovering Period
Inserter :).   I also remind myself that drawing conclusions is another way
of sneaking a period in yet again.

So if I find myself feeling bad or feeling fearful about the economy, it’s a
sure bet I’ve snuck in a judgment, a conclusion, an assumption, inevitably:
a period.   I have forgotten that the nature of all things is continually unfolding.
I have forgotten that absolute grace threads invisibly through our lives each
and every moment.  I have forgotten that every particle of our being and so
much more is moved upon by absolute divine grace.  Resting in that
knowing, I remember.

Love, Bethie

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