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I live in Seattle.  We have a lot of cloudy days here.  I need the
sun.  I asked myself: how can I have sun when there is no sun?  I began
to go away to find some sun.  I would make sure I got a hotel with a
pool so I could sit out by the sun.  Then the hotel was so tall, it
blocked the sun.  :)  What is up with that?

So I asked myself again: how can I have sun where there is no sun?  It
came to me one day, inspired by Neville Goddard’s teachings, I would
go to bed with the sun on my face.  I told my Seattle friend this and
she said: oh, you take a nap in the sun.  I said: no, I go to bed with
the sun on my face.  In other words, there is no sun outside.  I claimed
it inside.  I remember what sun feels like on my face.  I can feel the
brightness of it, I can feel the warmth on my skin.  I do this particularly
at night just before slumber, because it’s fertile non-resistant ground.

This is what I’ve been doing for about 3 weeks now even on sunny days.
The sun shows up outside or it doesn’t.  *I pay no mind* to cloudy days
now.  I pay no mind, literally means I do not give it my attention or focus.

I am suggesting that if you claim a thing from the inside, not to make it happen,
but purely for the sake of your own well being, then it happens.  Eventually life
will outpicture differently, that is a natural unfolding, when you claim it inwardly
for the love of you.

Love, Bethie

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