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I recently received permission from the founder of The Field Center, Philip Golabuk, to quote one excerpt from his ebook entitled ‘REALITIES’.  Ahhh, there is so much in that book, how to choose.  Yet finally I have chosen that one special quote and I include it now:

“This week, I look for what’s right. If a situation arises that suggests
something is wrong, I note it without conclusions, and consider it part of
a larger unfolding. For one week, I choose to agree with the unconditional
rightness of things.” *

In this book, there are approximately 10 pages of ‘this week…’ meditations.  Everyone of them is a gem in its own right.  I am going to take them one at a time and put them on an index card and make that the theme for my week.

This quote, in particular really speaks to my recent blog post: It All Works Out in the End.  Trusting in that, especially amidst evidence to the contrary, trusting in it anyway.  And noting any evidence to the contrary as just there, it doesn’t have to mean anything about me, unless I make it mean something.

This week, I choose to not make it mean anything.
This week, I agree that I will look for what’s right.
This week, I won’t try to make what looks wrong, right either.
This week, I agree to just observe it without forming opinions about it.

For one week, I won’t insert a period at the end of any experience.
I’ll consider all my experiences to be continually unfolding.

*~excerpted from REALITIES, Philip Golabuk, author
© 2008 by The Field Center. All rights reserved.

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