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The temptation to be something other than our unique selves
is trained into us at a very early age and reinforced, at least
in this country, in the public school systems.  No where else
in the animal kingdom does this seem to occur except in humans.

I am continuing to read U.S. Andersen’s Three Magic Words.
He writes a chapter on competitiveness versus creativeness.
Some of what he says I have not heard anyone say it quite like
that.  In a couple of places I’ve added some emphasis to his words.

Enjoy, Bethie

The essence of mankind is not competition; it is creativeness.  In all
this world there is not another you nor has there ever been another
you.  Is it not ridiculous to attempt to mold yourself into a likeness
of your fellows, to attempt to undo the work that God has done?…The
universe has sired no other person like you.  Only you can be you.
Only you can draw upon the infinite for those divine powers that are

There is a fine line demarkation between competition and creativeness
in the minds of everyone today.  Yet they are black and white,
complete opposites on the polar scale.  Competition attempts to be like.
Creativeness attempts to be unlike.  *Competition casts all humanity into the
same mold.  Creativeness makes of each man an individual counterpart of God.*

Competition…it leads you into the suffocating trap of *not wanting
the different but wanting the same, only better.  It imposes upon you
a scale of values that is not your own but belongs to a group.*

*Creativeness, on the other hand, is a world of your own*.  If you were
to take brush and palette in hand right now and paint a picture in
oils, the result — good, bad, or indifferent by the world’s standards —
would be all your own.  The finest artist living could not copy it exactly.
Does not this prove there is no other you?  Conformity and competition
are death knells to the spirit.  Creativeness and non-conformity are an
expansion into cosmic understanding.”

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I really enjoyed Abraham talking about ‘rendezvousing’ on the recent
Ft. Lauderdale tape. I had never heard them say this before. I
am such a fan of What the Bleep;  it immediately brought the image
back of Reggie in the Court of Infinite Possibilities with the bouncing
basketballs bouncing in an infinite variety of places until the main
character turns around to observe it.  And at that point, she ‘rendezvous’
with the position that she most expected it to be.

This is a paraphrase of the interaction with the hotseater:

Abe is telling this dude about Jane Roberts/Seth saying ‘you create
your own reality’. But Abe says really it is you *rendezvous with your
reality*. So then they say at any time there are 20, 40, 100,000 ready
to pop right now synchronistic signs. And the one that does pop is a
sign of where you are now in relationship to who you really are and
who you have become.

I love that: rendezvous with your reality and it does seem a lot more
accurate. An infinite variety of realities already exist, as I understand it.
So I’m not inventing the wheel, I’m not creating it, I’m rendezvousing
with an aspect of what already exists.

This is by the way, the hotseat interaction where the guy asks one more
question at the end:

group hug?


Love, Bethie

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In the 50’s and 60’s millions of people were terrified of nuclear war.

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective….millions
more people were busy getting stoned, which rendered them happily unable
to dwell on any particular thought form, especially war.

Now this had the unlikely benefit of occupying our parents and
grandparents with fear for our individual well being which far
outweighed any other fears they harbored. And so, inevitably nuclear
war is averted and the pot head is born.

There you have it, a brief history in time.

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I like this poem.  It speaks to the many opportunities
for a serendipitous rendezvous with something more
than is currently being experienced.

An intersection with something, as yet undetermined,
and perhaps even missed were it not for just a little
inclination to be open to the magic of a different dance.


Someone dancing inside us
learned only a few steps:
the “Do-Your-Work” in 4/4 time,
the “What-Do-You-Expect” waltz.
He hasn’t noticed yet the woman
standing away from the lamp,
the one with black eyes
who knows the rhumba,
and strange steps in jumpy rhythms
form the mountains in Bulgaria.
If they dance together,
something unexpected will happen.
If they don’t, the next world
will be a lot like this one.

~Bill Holm

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I can change.
I can live out of my imagination
instead of my memory.
I can tie myself to my limitless potential
instead of my limiting past.

— Stephen Covey

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I’m not going to talk about commitment in quite the way you
are used to hearing about it.  This is about a different kind
of commitment, an unwitting or unconscious commitment.

I took a look at what I was committing to after being inspired
by an online friend.  She was inspired by reading “Realities”
which is an ebook available for $10.00 over at The Field Center.
I then added another piece to it that really cemented the wake
up call to the choices I make for myself.  And once we wake up
to what we are choosing, the possibilities to consciously alter
that are endless.

So I’ll explain:

One day I observed myself in self-talk.  I began to say:

“I am so weary of…”

I stopped myself and I changed the self-talk to:

“I am committed to feeling so weary of…”

Do you hear the difference?  The first example is me lost
in my own story, my own movie, reacting to conditions.  The
other example is me taking radical responsibility for the way
I was feeling.

I then took it up a notch.  The next morning I woke up and started
down the ‘asleep at the wheel of life’ and began to worry.  I heard
my inner worry talk and I stopped it, and said:

I am committed to worrying and I have been unwilling to give that up.

Wow, that really made me stop in my tracks!

Suddenly I began to see tons of self-talk and turn it around with just
this one sentence.

Now I’m like a kid in a candy shop…

This is what else I discovered today….I was watching this guy train
his pit bull puppy and I made an assumption that he was being mean
to him.  I was just about to do that thing where I get lost in my own
movie where Bethie takes the role of “I’m sensitive and it’s painful”
…when I just asked myself what is this really about and it HIT me:

I am committed to seeing others as victimizers, and I have been
unwilling to give that up.

Wait, it gets even better!!  Then the next obvious step hit me:

I am committed to seeing others as needing to be RESCUED,
and I have been unwilling to give that up.

This is beyond soothing, beyond reaching for the better feeling
thought.  If you are like me and come up against stuff over and over
again, it’s inviting you to really take a look at it, really get in there and
see what you are choosing for yourself.

Finally, here’s the other piece.  What I have struggled with the most
in the whole ‘you create your own reality’ new thought movement, is
self-blame.  Look what I’m creating and it sucks, bad creator me.
So I turned it around:

I am committed to blaming myself and I have been unwilling to give
that up.

And then I took the radical responsibility up another notch:

I am committed to victimizing myself and I have been unwilling to give
that up.

Wow.  This technique is opening doors to the patterns that have been
at work in my life.  Finally I realize the one tightening the noose around
my neck is me.  And realizing that and removing all self blame for it
by taking radical responsibility offers complete and utter freedom.  Now
truly there is no place I cannot go.

Love, Bethie

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