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New Moon Blue Moon

For those of you who follow the moon, we are in a double
new moon for the month of August or blue moon.  It’s a
second wishing period for August.  If you want more
information you can go to: http://www.janspiller.com

Florence Scovel Shinn says that once you awaken you
cannot ever again turn to rabbit feet wishes and things
like that.  However, I believe there is real scientific evidence
to support the power of the moon (though don’t ask me to
quote any of it here and now!) :)) So with that, the power
of expectation and intention is quite useful.  I love looking
back on my wishes, handwritten wishes, as I go to write the
newest ones – I love the little smile that comes across my
face and the little nod, that yes, that did come true after all.

May all your wishes come true, too.

Love, Bethie

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A very special woman I know, quoted from this book on a yahoogroup and
I include it here today. It is such an eloquent reminder of both the strength
and simplicity of Presence.


“The real presence slips past our demand for spectacle. it slips past our
despair. Not just like a child — sometimes it is a child. She walks down
the blistered steps to where you kneel and says the simplest things . She
is entertained by butterflies. She has opinions about unicorns. She does
not seem to care that you are ruined and lost. She does not even seem to
notice. Find an earthworm in the neglected loam and she will make you feel
for a moment that your life has not been wasted. Name a flower and she will
make you feel that you have begun to learn to speak.”

~excerpted from The Monk Downstairs-Tim Farrington

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