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The below passages are from a little book entitled: The Door of
Everything.  It was written in 1963 by Ruby Nelson.  Forty plus
years ago, this book might not have made much sense to some
people.  Since then, we have the advent of Seth and Abraham and
also Conversations with God and A Course in Miracles.  This
book was written in that same genre, as if it were being channeled
to her by God/Source though I don’t believe she ever made that
claim herself.

“The elemental nature of life is to increase, to seek more and more
expression.  This law of increase holds true within you as readily
as it does in any aspect of nature.  Life is a joyous, singing river
ever surging onward.  As you feel it and appreciate it, the little
trickle finding outlet through your being will bubble up into a flood,
drawing you into the beautiful pathway of the River of Life More

This is what happens when you become the Living Christ.  You
do not suddenly become something else, or somebody else,
you merely express a fullness of what you are.  You merely allow
the Light of Life to come forward and increase.  You merely allow
the soul to stand forth in full reign over your body kingdom, your
own personal soul whose right it is to have full reign.

Meditate on the life within you, cherish it.  How joyous the surge
of it!  Imagine the surge doubled, tripled, multiplied by a hundred,
by a thousand.  That glorious Light of Life will respond to your
appreciation and will begin immediately to shine brighter.”

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