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I Am

This is another channeler: Carrie Hart as Quado.  I think I’ve posted a bit of their stuff before.  If you go to her website listed below, she has an interesting background to read.

Go out and live. Break your heart with too much caring, and gather around you the knowledge that you can survive. Risk it all to do what you love, and know that you are strong enough to go on, win or lose. Fill your mind with love and peace and yes, joy. Know that this little lifetime is a grand adventure, if you will only allow yourself to live it. Set fear aside. Set doubt aside. Fill your little heart with courage and feel it grow bigger and stronger. Fill it then with love, and know the vast power that is love. Fill your center with peace, and glow from the peaceful knowingness of who you are and why you are here.

And why are you here? To express yourself. To shine out with the person you are. To glow all over with who you are. To be a beacon of you-ness in the darkness of doubt and fear. To shine out in courage and uniqueness, showing the world that you are. Yes, here I am! I exist! And know that you have something unique to share. No one else in the entire universe is exactly you, has had exactly your experiences and can express it in exactly your way. You are unique, one of a kind. Allow this uniqueness to drive your experience. Accept the parts of you that do not quite fit; they are your special gift. Treasure the parts of you that others condemn or ridicule; they are there to help you become who you are; they are your gems, sparkling in your heart. Yes, reach in and find that gem. Reach in and find that glow. Sparkle and shine, gleaming out one message: I am! (Quado through Carrie Hart) – http://www.quado.com

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