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The Light

I have decided that just about everything is bigger than me.

I got in the car for a drive by myself.  I needed air and
clarity and I wasn’t finding any of it inside four walls, so
off I went.

A few miles down the road and I could no longer see
the road all I could see was me inside my car surrounded
by white light.  I could have been scared but I just let my
foot off the gas and kept the wheel straight and then as
quickly as it came it was gone.  I was blinded by The Light,

The metaphors and symbols that the Field talks about, this
was one of them.  I do not see The Light with my mortal eyes,
hence I was blinded so that I might see.  That is when I knew
that just about everything is bigger than me.

I decided to see everything as if it were a symbol tonight –
the Universe’s answering taking form.  Then off to my right,
hundreds upon hundreds of birds took flight into the air together.
I smiled.  I began to see everything as an expression of the
Universe answering me.  Because truly everything is responding
to me and who I am being at all times.

Even the songs on the radio became an answering.
Oh yeah, gimme the beat Universe
and free my soul
I wanna get lost in your rock and roll
and drift away.

And I did.

And I am.  Free.

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The temptation to be something other than our unique selves
is trained into us at a very early age and reinforced, at least
in this country, in the public school systems.  No where else
in the animal kingdom does this seem to occur except in humans.

I am continuing to read U.S. Andersen’s Three Magic Words.
He writes a chapter on competitiveness versus creativeness.
Some of what he says I have not heard anyone say it quite like
that.  In a couple of places I’ve added some emphasis to his words.

Enjoy, Bethie

The essence of mankind is not competition; it is creativeness.  In all
this world there is not another you nor has there ever been another
you.  Is it not ridiculous to attempt to mold yourself into a likeness
of your fellows, to attempt to undo the work that God has done?…The
universe has sired no other person like you.  Only you can be you.
Only you can draw upon the infinite for those divine powers that are

There is a fine line demarkation between competition and creativeness
in the minds of everyone today.  Yet they are black and white,
complete opposites on the polar scale.  Competition attempts to be like.
Creativeness attempts to be unlike.  *Competition casts all humanity into the
same mold.  Creativeness makes of each man an individual counterpart of God.*

Competition…it leads you into the suffocating trap of *not wanting
the different but wanting the same, only better.  It imposes upon you
a scale of values that is not your own but belongs to a group.*

*Creativeness, on the other hand, is a world of your own*.  If you were
to take brush and palette in hand right now and paint a picture in
oils, the result — good, bad, or indifferent by the world’s standards —
would be all your own.  The finest artist living could not copy it exactly.
Does not this prove there is no other you?  Conformity and competition
are death knells to the spirit.  Creativeness and non-conformity are an
expansion into cosmic understanding.”

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