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I really enjoyed Abraham talking about ‘rendezvousing’ on the recent
Ft. Lauderdale tape. I had never heard them say this before. I
am such a fan of What the Bleep;  it immediately brought the image
back of Reggie in the Court of Infinite Possibilities with the bouncing
basketballs bouncing in an infinite variety of places until the main
character turns around to observe it.  And at that point, she ‘rendezvous’
with the position that she most expected it to be.

This is a paraphrase of the interaction with the hotseater:

Abe is telling this dude about Jane Roberts/Seth saying ‘you create
your own reality’. But Abe says really it is you *rendezvous with your
reality*. So then they say at any time there are 20, 40, 100,000 ready
to pop right now synchronistic signs. And the one that does pop is a
sign of where you are now in relationship to who you really are and
who you have become.

I love that: rendezvous with your reality and it does seem a lot more
accurate. An infinite variety of realities already exist, as I understand it.
So I’m not inventing the wheel, I’m not creating it, I’m rendezvousing
with an aspect of what already exists.

This is by the way, the hotseat interaction where the guy asks one more
question at the end:

group hug?


Love, Bethie

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