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Well it’s the end of the month, time to ring out the old and bring in the new.
And time for a message from our sponsor!  Just kidding :) except you could
say this is a message from our Sponsor, of sorts.

The lyrics included below are from the only song I’ve ever sung solo in public.
I sang it acappella at a Religious Science Church in Dallas.  Notice that I haven’t
been invited back to sing it again.  :)

I originally heard Shivanand Thomas Amelio’s rendering of this song on his CD
entitled Inner Quest.  He is a yogi as well as a singer that I was introduced to at the
Kripalu Yoga Center in Massachusetts.

And so the message is:

Truly, you can relax now.

Love, Bethie

You can relax now
Come on and close your eyes
Breathe deeply now
I am with you.
Oh my sweet, sweet child
Who do you think you are
You are a child of God
And that will never change.

You can relax now
Come on and close your eyes
Breathe deeply now
I am with you.
You are the love of my life.
You are my own creation.
You are eternity
And that will never change.

You had a dream
You misunderstood
You thought we were separate
But now you hear my voice say:
You can relax now
Come on and close your eyes
breathe deeply now
I am with you.
Oh my sweet, sweet child
who do you think you are
you are a child of God
And that will never change.

You had a dream
You misunderstood
You thought we were separate
But now you hear my voice say:
You can relax now
Come on and close your eyes
Breathe deeply now
I am with you
You are the love of my life
You are my own creation
You are eternity
And that will never change.

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New Moon Blue Moon

For those of you who follow the moon, we are in a double
new moon for the month of August or blue moon.  It’s a
second wishing period for August.  If you want more
information you can go to: http://www.janspiller.com

Florence Scovel Shinn says that once you awaken you
cannot ever again turn to rabbit feet wishes and things
like that.  However, I believe there is real scientific evidence
to support the power of the moon (though don’t ask me to
quote any of it here and now!) :)) So with that, the power
of expectation and intention is quite useful.  I love looking
back on my wishes, handwritten wishes, as I go to write the
newest ones – I love the little smile that comes across my
face and the little nod, that yes, that did come true after all.

May all your wishes come true, too.

Love, Bethie

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A very special woman I know, quoted from this book on a yahoogroup and
I include it here today. It is such an eloquent reminder of both the strength
and simplicity of Presence.


“The real presence slips past our demand for spectacle. it slips past our
despair. Not just like a child — sometimes it is a child. She walks down
the blistered steps to where you kneel and says the simplest things . She
is entertained by butterflies. She has opinions about unicorns. She does
not seem to care that you are ruined and lost. She does not even seem to
notice. Find an earthworm in the neglected loam and she will make you feel
for a moment that your life has not been wasted. Name a flower and she will
make you feel that you have begun to learn to speak.”

~excerpted from The Monk Downstairs-Tim Farrington

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The below passages are from a little book entitled: The Door of
Everything.  It was written in 1963 by Ruby Nelson.  Forty plus
years ago, this book might not have made much sense to some
people.  Since then, we have the advent of Seth and Abraham and
also Conversations with God and A Course in Miracles.  This
book was written in that same genre, as if it were being channeled
to her by God/Source though I don’t believe she ever made that
claim herself.

“The elemental nature of life is to increase, to seek more and more
expression.  This law of increase holds true within you as readily
as it does in any aspect of nature.  Life is a joyous, singing river
ever surging onward.  As you feel it and appreciate it, the little
trickle finding outlet through your being will bubble up into a flood,
drawing you into the beautiful pathway of the River of Life More

This is what happens when you become the Living Christ.  You
do not suddenly become something else, or somebody else,
you merely express a fullness of what you are.  You merely allow
the Light of Life to come forward and increase.  You merely allow
the soul to stand forth in full reign over your body kingdom, your
own personal soul whose right it is to have full reign.

Meditate on the life within you, cherish it.  How joyous the surge
of it!  Imagine the surge doubled, tripled, multiplied by a hundred,
by a thousand.  That glorious Light of Life will respond to your
appreciation and will begin immediately to shine brighter.”

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Be playful. Know that it’s going to be alright no matter what. Have as much fun as you can. Be as easy as you can. Don’t take anything very seriously, because everything blows over; good and bad. You can’t stand still. So nothing lasts very long. The best of experiences you must move beyond and the worst of experiences you must move beyond. Don’t make where you are too big of a deal. Let it be what it is: It’s a moment in time where you have the choice to feel good or feel bad. That’s all that it ever is. (Abraham through Esther Hicks, 5/8/01) – http://www.abraham-hicks.com

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I Am

This is another channeler: Carrie Hart as Quado.  I think I’ve posted a bit of their stuff before.  If you go to her website listed below, she has an interesting background to read.

Go out and live. Break your heart with too much caring, and gather around you the knowledge that you can survive. Risk it all to do what you love, and know that you are strong enough to go on, win or lose. Fill your mind with love and peace and yes, joy. Know that this little lifetime is a grand adventure, if you will only allow yourself to live it. Set fear aside. Set doubt aside. Fill your little heart with courage and feel it grow bigger and stronger. Fill it then with love, and know the vast power that is love. Fill your center with peace, and glow from the peaceful knowingness of who you are and why you are here.

And why are you here? To express yourself. To shine out with the person you are. To glow all over with who you are. To be a beacon of you-ness in the darkness of doubt and fear. To shine out in courage and uniqueness, showing the world that you are. Yes, here I am! I exist! And know that you have something unique to share. No one else in the entire universe is exactly you, has had exactly your experiences and can express it in exactly your way. You are unique, one of a kind. Allow this uniqueness to drive your experience. Accept the parts of you that do not quite fit; they are your special gift. Treasure the parts of you that others condemn or ridicule; they are there to help you become who you are; they are your gems, sparkling in your heart. Yes, reach in and find that gem. Reach in and find that glow. Sparkle and shine, gleaming out one message: I am! (Quado through Carrie Hart) – http://www.quado.com

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The Light

I have decided that just about everything is bigger than me.

I got in the car for a drive by myself.  I needed air and
clarity and I wasn’t finding any of it inside four walls, so
off I went.

A few miles down the road and I could no longer see
the road all I could see was me inside my car surrounded
by white light.  I could have been scared but I just let my
foot off the gas and kept the wheel straight and then as
quickly as it came it was gone.  I was blinded by The Light,

The metaphors and symbols that the Field talks about, this
was one of them.  I do not see The Light with my mortal eyes,
hence I was blinded so that I might see.  That is when I knew
that just about everything is bigger than me.

I decided to see everything as if it were a symbol tonight –
the Universe’s answering taking form.  Then off to my right,
hundreds upon hundreds of birds took flight into the air together.
I smiled.  I began to see everything as an expression of the
Universe answering me.  Because truly everything is responding
to me and who I am being at all times.

Even the songs on the radio became an answering.
Oh yeah, gimme the beat Universe
and free my soul
I wanna get lost in your rock and roll
and drift away.

And I did.

And I am.  Free.

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