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This is quite long but well worth the read – quite fascinating!

Seth on “The Ancient Dreamers (The Sleepwalkers)” (pt.1)

Dreams, “Evolution,” and Value Fulfillment, Vol. 1, Session 893,
January 07, 1980.
For what would seem to you to be eons, according to your time
scale, men were in the dreaming state far more than they were in the
waking one. They slept long hours, as did the animals awakening,
so to speak, to exercise their bodies, obtain sustenance, and,
later, to mate. It was indeed a dreamlike world, but a highly
charming and vital one, in which dreaming imaginations played
rambunctiously with all the probabilities entailed in this new
venture: imaging the various forms of language and communication
possible, spinning great dream tales of future civilizations replete
with their own built-in histories building, because they were now
allied with time, mental edifices that automatically created pasts
as well as futures.

These ancient dreams were shared to some extent by each
consciousness that was embarked upon the earthly venture, so that
creatures and environment together formed great environmental
realities. Valleys and mountains, and their inhabitants, together
dreamed themselves into being and coexistence.

The species from your viewpoint lived at a much slower pace in
those terms. The blood, for example, did not need to course so
quickly through the veins [and arteries], the heart did not need to
beat as fast. And in an important fashion the coordination of the
creature in its environment did not need to be as precise, since
there was an elastic give-and-take of consciousness between the two.

In ways almost impossible to describe, the ground rules were not as
yet firmly established. Gravity itself did not carry its all-
pervasive sway, so that the air was more buoyant. Man was aware of
its support in a luxurious, intimate fashion. He was aware of
himself in a different way, so that, for example, his identification
with the self did not stop where his skin stopped: He could follow
it outward into the space about his form, and feel it merge with the
atmosphere with a primal sense-experience that you have forgotten.

During this period, incidentally, mental activity of the highest,
most original variety was the strongest dream characteristic, and
the knowledge [man] gained was imprinted upon the physical brain:
what is now completely unconscious activity involving the functions
of the body, its relationship with the environment, its balance and
temperature, its constant, inner alterations. All of these highly
intricate activities were learned and practiced in the dream state
as the CUs [consciousness units] translated their inner knowledge
through the state of dreaming into physical form.

Then in your terms man began, with the other species, to waken more
fully into the physical world, to develop the exterior senses, to
intersect delicately and precisely with space and time. Yet man
still sleeps and dreams, and that state is still a firm connective
with his own origins, and with the origins of the universe as he
knows it as well.

… In a fashion those ancient dreamers, through their immense
creativity, dreamed all of life’s creatures in all of their pasts,
presents, and futures that is, their dreams opened up the doors of
space and time to entities that otherwise would not have been
released into actualization, even as, for example, the units of
consciousness were once released from the mind of All-That-Is.

All possible entities that can ever be actualized always exist.
They [have] always existed and they always will exist. All-That-Is
must, by its characteristics, be all that it can ever be, and so
there can be no end to existence and, in those terms, no
beginning. But in terms of your world the units of consciousness,
acting both as forces [waves] and as psychological entities
[particles] of massive power, planted the seeds of your world in a
dimension of imaginative power that gave birth to physical form. In
your terms those entities [particles] are your ancestors and yet
[they are] not yours alone, but the ancestors of all the
consciousnesses that make up your world.

Session 894, January 09, 1980.

Basically, there are no real divisions to the self, but for the
sake of explanation we must speak of them in those terms. First of
all you had the inner self, the creative dreaming self composed,
again, of units of consciousness, awareized energy that forms your
identity, and that formed the identities of the earliest earth
inhabitants. These inner selves formed their own dream bodies about
them, as previously explained, but the dream bodies did not have to
have physical reactions. They were free of gravity and space, and of

As the body became physical, however, the inner self formed the
body consciousness so that the physical body became more aware of
itself, of the environment, and of its relationship within the
environment. Before this could happen, though, the body
consciousness was taught to become aware of its own inner
environment. The body was lovingly formed from EE [electromagnetic
energy] units through all the stages to atoms, cells, organs, and so
forth. The body’s pattern came from the inner self, as all of the
units of consciousness involved in this venture together formed this
fabric of environment and creatures, each suited to the other.

So far in our discussion, then, we have an inner self, dwelling
primarily in a mental or psychic dimension, dreaming itself into
physical form, and finally forming a body consciousness. To that
body consciousness the inner self gives its own body of physical
knowledge, the vast reservoir of physical achievement that it has
triumphantly produced. The body consciousness is not `unconscious,’
but for working purposes in your terms, [the body] possesses its own
system of consciousness that to some extent, now, is separated from
what you think of as your own normal consciousness. The body’s
consciousness is hardly to be considered less than your own, or as
inferior to that of your inner self, since it represents knowledge
from the inner self, and is a part of the inner self’s own
consciousness the part delegated to the body.

[Each] cell, then, as I have often said, operates so well in time
because it is, in those terms, precognitive. It is aware of the
position, health, vitality, of all other cells on the face of the
planet. It is aware of the position of each grain of sand on the
shores of each ocean, and in those terms it forms a portion of the
earth’s consciousness.

… Thus far in our discussion, we still have only an inner self
and a body consciousness. As the body consciousness developed
itself, perfected its organization, the inner self and the body
consciousness together performed a kind of psychological double-

… The best analogy I can think of is that up to that time the
self was like a psychological rubber band, snapping inward and
outward with great force and vitality, but without any kind of rigid-
enough psychological framework to maintain a physical stance. The
inner self still related to dream reality, while the body’s
orientation and the body consciousness attained, as was intended, a
great sense of physical adventure, curiosity, speculation, wonder
and so once again the inner self put a portion of its consciousness
in a different parcel, so to speak. As once it had formed the body
consciousness, now it formed a physically attuned consciousness, a
self whose desires and intents would be oriented in a way that,
alone, the inner self could not be.

… [The outer ego] is the self that looks outward. It is the self
that you call egotistically aware. The inner self became what I
refer to as the inner ego. It looks into that inner reality, that
psychic dimension of awareness from which both your own [outer ego]
consciousness and your body consciousness emerged.

You are one self, then, but for operating purposes we will say that
you have three parts: the inner self or ego, the body [sub]
consciousness, and the [outer ego] consciousness that you know.

These portions, however, are intimately connected. They are like
three different systems of consciousness operating together to form
the whole. The divisions, the seeming divisions are not
stationary, but change constantly.

… To one extent or another, these three systems of consciousness
operate in one way or another in all of the species, and in all
particles, in the physical universe. In your terms, this means that
the proportions of the three systems might vary, but they are always
in operation, whether we are speaking of a man or a woman, a rock or
a fly, a star or an atom. The inner self represents your prime
identity, the self you really are.

… The body [sub]consciousness is therefore given a superb sense
of its own reality, a sureness of identity, a sense of innate safety
and security, that allows it to not only function but to grow in the
physical world. It is endowed with a sense of boldness, daring, a
sense of natural power. It is perfectly formed to fit into its
environment and the environment is perfectly formed to have such

The entities, or units of consciousness those ancient fragments
[particles] that burst into objectivity from the vast and infinite
psychological realms of All-That-Is dared all, for they joyfully
abandoned themselves in space and time. They created new
psychological entities, opened up an area of divine creativity
that `until then’ had been closed, and therefore to that [degree]
extended the experience and immense existence of All-That-Is. For in
so abandoning themselves they were not of course abandoned, since
they contained within themselves their inherent relationship with
All-That-Is. In those terms All-That-Is became physical also,
aroused at its divine depth by the thrusting of each grass blade
through the soil into the air, aroused by each birth and by each
moment of each creature’s existence.

All-That-Is, therefore, is immersed within your world, present in
each hypothetical point, and forms the very fabric from which each
portion of matter is created.

© Robert F. Butts, All Rights Reserved.

Summary of Concepts:

In the beginning, the world and everything in its valleys,
mountains, oceans, the sky, and every species of organic life was
guided by the cooperative group dreams of every type of
consciousness involved. Endless probabilities were explored and a
mental framework created that began to include probable pasts,
presents, and futures. This stage of development lasted for “eons.”

Causal Aspects of All-That-Is that Seth calls consciousness units
(causal field) translated their inner knowledge via the dream state
(subtle field) to create all physical forms (physical field). “…
these highly intricate activities were learned and practiced in the
dream state.” Thus, the subtle field was a hotbed of creativity that
paved the way for the emergence of the physical field.

Every inner self (including sleepwalkers) has and will always
exist in some latent form within All-That-Is. Only a small
percentage of this latency can be physically manifest in any given
time. All-That-Is strives “to be all that it can ever be, and so
there can be no end to existence and … no beginning.” Thus, Seth
describes the causal (wave) and subtle (wave) fields in terms of
eternal qualities (no beginning or end) in relation to the physical
(particle) field, which by design has beginnings and endings.

CUs, acting both as forces (waves) and as individualized
consciousness (particles), are the ancestors of every type of
consciousness that make up our world. Thus, the sleepwalkers are the
ancient dreamers working in the subtle field who created our
universe and human beings.

As the ancient dreamers experimented with various species and the
ecosystem, they began to develop human body consciousness. There was
a period lasting for eons in which the subtle and physical fields
were not yet stable enough for physical reproduction and mating to
be required. (In other words, the dreamtime “preceded” sexual
reproduction in the physical field, and didn’t require sex as we
know it. Once the first cellular life physically manifest, however,
physical sex was required for reproduction.)

The inner self is that subtle field aspect of the sleepwalkers that
dreamed, “translated,” and consciously created physicality. We did
such a great job in this process that, as we came to rely more and
more on our physical senses, all of the amazing calculations and
manipulations of energy needed to maintain a physical body began to
recede into the background of the subconscious. In this sense, the
subconscious had to stabilize before the outer ego could emerge.

Eventually we no longer needed to be consciously aware of growing
our hair, digesting our food, or healing a cut. All of these issues
had to be figured out in the Overall design before they could
became “automatic.” Our body consciousness, which became part of the
subconscious, then, represents the knowledge of the inner
self “translated” into physical form.

There is no aspect of All-That-Is causal, subtle, or physical
that is unconscious. All aspects exist in simultaneously nested
fields created by the wave/particle nature of CUs. And that is a
loaded statement!

There were three additional functions designed by the sleepwalkers
so that humans could emerge. However, the apparent divisions between
them are seamless.

1. inner self (inner ego, “wave focus”)

2. body consciousness (subconscious mediating layer, “wave and
particle focus”)

3. outer ego (pre-egoic, “particle focus”)

These functions broadly occur in every thing and process in the
physical field. Though the relationships may vary, they always
operate in any quantum field, galaxy, planet, rock, plant, animal,
or person. (This is another very important deep structure at play in
all energy-matter. More on this later.)

Seth closes with a reminder that All-That-Is worked together in a
massive, simultaneous, cooperative venture of the highest creative
expression possible. We simultaneously, as Causal Consciousness
(CUs), as sleepwalkers (EEs), and finally as physical creatures
(quantum fields) saw through wave and particle “eyes” that it was
good! (or should I say God? :-)


In this segment, Seth focused on the emerging physical field. He
outlined the basic “order of play” or stages of development in
sequential, physical terms. For example, “The body was lovingly
formed from EE [electromagnetic energy] units through all the stages
to atoms, cells, organs, and so forth.” So there were atoms first
that evolved into cells, which in turn evolved into organs, bodies,
and nascent outer egos. And yet, Seth continues to explore our
origins from the paradoxically simultaneous Causal (CUs) and subtle
(EEs) fields. And this is exactly what makes this a postmodern
creation myth.

Finally, a note on semantics up to this point: EEs,
electromagnetic energy units, inner selves, sleepwalkers, ancient
dreamers, source selves, and energy personality essences are
ontologically equivalent. So these terms describe related aspects of
the subtle field and may be used interchangeably.

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