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Up and out too early,
I caught the earth before she’d brushed her teeth.
It’s something we are not supposed to see,
the earth in last night’s panties,
sleep crusting the corners of her eyes. Caught
like a hostess who’s mis-timed the arrival of guests,
silver unpolished, carpets unswept.
Embarrassed, she shrugs mountains
as if to say,
What did you expect?
I was up far too late. The oceans were monsters,
refusing to calm down. The volcanoes
threw supper everywhere. This was supposed
to get easier as I got older,
but the forests never listen to me anymore,
only to their friends, and the cities,
I worry about the cities,
up all night doing god knows what.
It was easier in the old days,
just me and the cosmic soup,
I never wondered what to make for dinner.
Then, I could sleep.

~Margo Solod
Some Very Soft Days

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