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Who is Abraham?

We are the vibrational essence that equals the culmination
of all that has been lived both physically and nonphysically.
We are an energy that is expanding consciously and constantly
because of the willingness of physical experience and its
contribution to the never ending want or desire. We are the
expanded version of who each of you are and we are the pure
essence of that expanded version. We hold not any of the
concerns that you hold but we have benefited from the
concerns that you have lived. We are not stumped by your
questions but we ride on the stream of your answers. We are
not bothered by your problems because your problems have
inspired the expansion or solution. We are as broad or as
deep as the question that you ask because Law of Attraction
will not match you up with the part of us that is different
than the part of you. We can only be as wise as your wisdom,
as loving as your love and as smart as your brilliance we cannot
be more than you allow us to be so when you find something in us
that you deem worthy or wonderful or beneficial, you must
understand that it is a pure reflection of who you are because you
could not get it from us if you were not it also!


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