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As I wrote in my last blog post entitled:
Vibrational Road Map to Manifestation,
the vibrational feeling of choice seems
to match the same vibration of abundance.

That’s because for many of us abundance
equals freedom and choice also translates to a
feeling of freedom.

Now I want to talk about how I am using choice
as a kind of daily intention setting tool.

I was inspired by a Daily Uplift that I received in
my inbox from denisecoates.com.  It said to ask
myself every morning: what could go right today?
And then answer it.  I love that!  It feels so open
to positive possibilities.

So I took that and I added choice or choosing to
what could go right today.  It’s become my way of
setting intentions for the day.  It feels fun and freeing
and a great way to set up the day.

Here’s what I wrote today:

I could choose to let it be easy today.
I could choose to imagine something different than what’s in my now.
I could choose my imagination as the Loving Path – loving to me, loving to the Universe.
I could choose to remember I always have choices – I will remember that!
I could choose to enjoy living today – and I will, I will!
I could choose to laugh today – and I know I will!

Love, Bethie

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A friend of mine put together a four part vibrational
road map to manifesting just about anything.

Her name is Denise Coates and she is the author
of the soon to be released book: Feel It Real. Watch
for it next month. I believe it will work its way up to
the New York Times bestseller list.

So, the four part vibrational road map contains these

1) Fun
2) Choice/Choosing
3) Trust
4) Self-Love

My friend T., who found herself broke and divorced
with two young children was looking for ways to feel
abundant. She decided that fun had the same vibration
as money and so did choice.

The ability to have fun certainly loosens resistance and
keeps our mind from focusing on what we don’t have.
I remember my friend Mary would worry about not getting
clients and then she’d go do something fun and invariably
the phone would ring and there would be a new client.

Choice and acknowledging that we have the freedom to
choose all the time. All the time. No matter what is going
on in our external landscape, you can always choose to
don another perspective in your internal landscape. The
freedom in choice I think is what matches the abundance
vibration so well.

And trust, glorious trust. Trust that all is well, trust that you
will be taken care of, trust that you are not alone, trust that
you live in a benevolent Universe that always, always has
your back.

Finally, self-love and the belief that you are a worthy human
being. That you deserve to have it, whatever your desire is
and you deserve to have it easily. And you do.

Love, Bethie

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