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Guest: When things come into my life that aren’t necessarily good. I ask,
“Why do I need this contrast? How’d I create this?” and try and find a
reason for it being there.

Abe: Well we can make it really simple for you. The reason that it is
there is because you were not focused upon what you wanted.

It’s sort of like – if you drive your car into the ditch, do you sit there
for a long time and try to comprehend why you’re in the ditch or do you just
start trying to figure out how to get out of the ditch?

And it’s the same sort of thing – in other words, you got in the ditch
because you weren’t paying attention. And you get out of the ditch by paying
attention. And for a while after you get out of the ditch you usually pay
more attention for a while. In fact – sometimes even when you see somebody
else in the ditch you pay more attention for a while.

But – there is really – we think that what’s complicating this is that it is
true, and we really recommend, that you make the best of whatever happens.
So sometimes when you’re in a place that you don’t want to be, it is to your
greater advantage to say “Well, I received this clarity from it and I
received this value from it.” rather than saying “Well this was just really
dumb thing and no good has come from it.” And so, it is always good to do
your best to look for the positive aspects.

But, we would not spend any time looking for the lesson or looking for the
value when you’re in some spot that you clearly do not want to be in. We
would just start saying “Wait a minute, it’s not luck and it’s not chance
and it’s not karma and it’s not what somebody else did. I had my vibration,
my attention upon something that brought me right here. And now I’m here,
I’m really really sure I don’t want to be here. I think I won’t do that
again. I think I’ll start thinking about things that feel better to me when
I think about them.”

– Abraham-Hicks, Asheville 10/24/04

(thanks to Miriam Evers on the AbeQuotes yahoo group
for transcribing this)

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I hold it true that thoughts are things;
They’re endowed with bodies and breath and wings
And that we send them forth to fill
The world with good results, or ill.
That which we call our secret thought
Speeds forth to earth’s remotest spot,
Leaving its blessings or its woes
Like tracks behind it as it goes.
We build our future, thought by thought,
For good or ill, yet know it not.
Yet, so the universe was wrought.
Thought is another name for fate;
Choose, then, thy destiny and wait,
For love brings love and hate brings hate.

– Henry Van Dyke (1852-1933)
American Author, Educator, Clergyman

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Ghosts start piling up, spill out of drawers,
displace pots and pans in cupboards. Ghosts
have psychic weight – they will not float,
sink down to the lowest levels,
pile atop each other giving the illusion
of some density, they make it difficult to
back out of the driveway. Ghosts move into my office,
watch me write, waft round my feet in
clammy eddies. The temperature of ghosts

is not a fairy tale. I turn most of them out
on cold spring nights to hover
round the base of trees, protect
my seedlings from hard frost.
My ghosts have aged with me; well-worn regrets
return home soft and rounded at the corners,
missed opportunities still carry
sharp and and shiny edges. My ghosts are old,
napped, puffy, silent but for shallow
hints of sigh, so I begin to quilt them

late at night, join edge to faded edge,
a quarter inch allowance for the seam. In
lamp-light after midnight I can almost
see the pattern.

~Margo Solod
Some Very Soft Days

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As I wrote in my last blog post entitled:
Vibrational Road Map to Manifestation,
the vibrational feeling of choice seems
to match the same vibration of abundance.

That’s because for many of us abundance
equals freedom and choice also translates to a
feeling of freedom.

Now I want to talk about how I am using choice
as a kind of daily intention setting tool.

I was inspired by a Daily Uplift that I received in
my inbox from denisecoates.com.  It said to ask
myself every morning: what could go right today?
And then answer it.  I love that!  It feels so open
to positive possibilities.

So I took that and I added choice or choosing to
what could go right today.  It’s become my way of
setting intentions for the day.  It feels fun and freeing
and a great way to set up the day.

Here’s what I wrote today:

I could choose to let it be easy today.
I could choose to imagine something different than what’s in my now.
I could choose my imagination as the Loving Path – loving to me, loving to the Universe.
I could choose to remember I always have choices – I will remember that!
I could choose to enjoy living today – and I will, I will!
I could choose to laugh today – and I know I will!

Love, Bethie

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A friend of mine put together a four part vibrational
road map to manifesting just about anything.

Her name is Denise Coates and she is the author
of the soon to be released book: Feel It Real. Watch
for it next month. I believe it will work its way up to
the New York Times bestseller list.

So, the four part vibrational road map contains these

1) Fun
2) Choice/Choosing
3) Trust
4) Self-Love

My friend T., who found herself broke and divorced
with two young children was looking for ways to feel
abundant. She decided that fun had the same vibration
as money and so did choice.

The ability to have fun certainly loosens resistance and
keeps our mind from focusing on what we don’t have.
I remember my friend Mary would worry about not getting
clients and then she’d go do something fun and invariably
the phone would ring and there would be a new client.

Choice and acknowledging that we have the freedom to
choose all the time. All the time. No matter what is going
on in our external landscape, you can always choose to
don another perspective in your internal landscape. The
freedom in choice I think is what matches the abundance
vibration so well.

And trust, glorious trust. Trust that all is well, trust that you
will be taken care of, trust that you are not alone, trust that
you live in a benevolent Universe that always, always has
your back.

Finally, self-love and the belief that you are a worthy human
being. That you deserve to have it, whatever your desire is
and you deserve to have it easily. And you do.

Love, Bethie

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Every thought that you give your attention to expands and becomes a
bigger part of your vibrational mix. Whether it is a thought of
something you want or, a thought of something you do not want — your
attention to it invites it into your experience.

Since this is an attraction-based Universe, there is no such thing as
Exculsion. Everything is about Inclusion. So when you see something
that you would like to experience and you focus upon it – shouting
YES to it! – you include it in your experience. But when you see
something that you would not want to experience, and you focus upon it
– shouting NO at it! – you also include that in your experience. You
do not invite it in with your YES and exclude it with your NO, because
there is no exclusion in this attraction-based Universe. Your focus
is the invitation. Your attention to it is the invitation.

And so, those who are mostly observers thrive in good times but suffer
in bad times because what they are observing is already vibrating and,
as they observe it, they include it in their vibrational countenance.
And, as they include it, the Universe accepts that it is their point
of attraction — and gives them more of the essence of it. So for an
observer, the better it gets, the better it gets – or, the worse it
gets, the worse it gets.

However, one who is a Visionary thrives in ALL times!

excerpted from ASK AND IT IS GIVEN, Abraham-Hicks

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You know how Abraham has a deck of Well Being cards?
I loved the idea so much that I made up my own Well Being
cards.  I put them on brightly colored 3×5 cards and pull out
different ones as I am inspired.  Here’s the one that I chose
for tomorrow.  I love the feeling of flow and ease in this quote.

“As God in expression, you can relax, for this Universe is
a safe and loving place where life flows harmoniously the
instant you stop struggling to achieve harmony.”

Love, Bethie

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The word Faith means when someone sees
A dew-drop or a floating leaf, and knows
That they are, because they have to be.
And even if you dreamed, or closed your eyes
And wished, the world would still be what it was,
And the leaf would still be carried down the river.

It means that when someone’s foot is hurt
By a sharp rock, he also knows that rocks
Are here so they can hurt our feet.
Look, see the long shadow cast by the tree;
And flowers and people throw shadows on the earth:
What has no shadow has no strength to live.

~Czeslaw Milosz
translated by Robert Hass
and Robert Pinsky with Renata Gorczynski
excerpted from The Rag and Bone Shop of the Heart:
A Poetry Anthology

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Alright everyone, it’s Day 2 of a 30 day experiment
in ‘thoughtus interruptus’. This is where I interrupt
negative thought patterns before they get a chance
to take hold.

I interrupt them with rapid fire I love you’s to myself
or thank you’s for anything and everything. I do it
every time a habitual thought pattern begins.

Thump, thump, thump….

That’s the sound inside my head. It’s what
happens when I do thoughtus interruptus
all day longus.

Thoughtus interruptus must be working; my
neural pathways are in there screaming to be
fed – give me my habitual thought pattern
or else!

Or else what?

thump, thump, thump…

I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you
I love you

Ahhhhhh, deep breath

I love.

If you want to play the home game version
of Thoughtus Interruptus just interrupt any
negative, sucky feeling thought with
I love you and stick your name on the end
of that I love you. Say it fast, as many as
you can, just keep repeating it till the thought
is gone.

Now try doing this every day, every time one
of those yucky thoughts come up. Or just go on a
rampage of rapid fire thank you’s. Do it every day
for 30 days and you might just develop a new neural
net in your brain. One that is deeply in love with,
guess who: YOU!

Enjoy playing Thoughtus Interruptus and remember
you heard it hear first!

Love, Bethie

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Hey Everyone,

I am playing a game with myself. Every time I enter
a negative, feel bad thought process, I interrupt it and
I say:

I love you.

And in my case, I insert my name, so it’s:

I love you Bethie.

I say it over and over to interrupt the habitual thought
pattern. It’s sort of like coitus interruptus, but not.
Ok, bad joke. Ok, really bad joke :).

Wait, I just judged myself, I have to go do 50 I love
you’s. It’s the antithesis of ‘give me 50 push ups’.
I’m interrupting the habitual thought patterns with
love. How cool is that?!

Mind you, I’ve said a gazillion I love you’s today to
myself. I have a big fat headache since I must be
interrupting some major neural pathways right now!

I bore easily so the other thing I do the second a
negative thought pattern tries to hit the ground running,
I stop and do a rapid fire thank you list in my mind.
Thank you electricity, thank you toes, thank you breathing,
thank you clothing, thank you supple body, thank you health,
thank you fingers. Basically thank you anything.

It’s really amazing how many things there are to thank
in this world, an infinite array.

And any minute now this headache will go away! I’ll
keep you posted on how my little experiment goes.

And by the way, you can try this at home. :)

Love, Bethie

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