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The Task

  The task you face 
is to reconcile yourself
 with the future and
  craft yourself a
 destiny rather than
 take refuge in the 
drama of your past.

      ~Albert Villoldo

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His eyes stare at you like the black
bottom of Jersey’s shore
stretched so wide you think you
could swim in them
until you hear this noise
that starts somewhere from
the back alley of his throat
a high pitched whine
undulates through the air
like a wire stretched out beyond
it’s recall — it snaps
the sting is in the air
one whiff of it and you
don’t recognize him anymore
you slither backwards
And he inches forward to tell you
what you long to remember:

He’s built his heart with
tissue paper walls.

~elizabeth adams

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Make it Bigger

Hope this got through your spam filters! :))

I want to talk about making it bigger. Who was talking about ‘talking up’
and ‘talking down’…??? I’m so damn good at talking something up like
an old blob of fear thoughts or something not wanted, as if I want more
of it.

I’m so damn good at it that I can channel my talent into talking up.
Talking up what?
My do want’s, talking up what I love about this world, talking about
what gets
my juices flowin’, what turns me on instead of the things that turn me
inside out.

Make it bigger!

Rilke said: make big shadows I can move in.

And I want to tell you Rilke: I am, I am – they are just not the shadows
I want to walk

I want to walk in goodness, I want to walk in gratitude, I want to walk
in appreciation,
I want to walk in sunlight, whether the sun is out or not, I want to
walk like a living,
moving prayer. And I want to do it again and again and again and
again. And then —

I want to do it again.

I want to make it bigger!

Those are the shadows I want to walk in!

Walk on sister, walk on.

Love, Bethie

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