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I haven’t been on the Abe tapes for several months.  When I was on the Abe cruise
I thought, what the heck, and signed up again.  I just got my first tape and I’m
listening to it and some of it is going in one ear and out the other and some of it,
I’m arguing with Abe.  That really is the best kind of argument, by the way,
no one talks back when it’s a one sided argument. :)  And then I get to parts such
as what they told the woman who goes to AA.  It felt so right, so ‘on the money’.

Finally, I get to the end (which I transcribed below) and I take a deep breath and
you know what?  I’m home again.  It’s nice to be here.  Someone left the light on
for me, there’s a cup of fresh, hot tea and a comfy seat awaits me.

It’s so wonderful to be home again.  Love, Bethie

“It is our desire that while you are in these magnificent bodies, that you are able to
relax more and resist less
that you are able to
allow more and fuss and worry less
that you can find ways of
praising more and complaining less
of basking more and struggling less
of flowing more and paddling less
of laughing more and crying less.

That you can find ways of relaxing into the knowing that you are just right, in the
right place, at the right time.  That there is not some bandwagon that you need to
get on.  Or, not some thing that you need to do differently than what you are doing.

We so want you to just melt into bed tonight, as you put yourself there and feel the
warm embrace of Source Energy wrapping around you and through you — feeling
nothing but appreciation and love for your willingness to play in this co-creative game
with all of us. 

There is great love here for you.  As always, we remain eternally and joyously

Abraham-Hicks — Los Angeles, CA — 2/2/08 — Closing/Track 12

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Look within your very centered space and see the part of
you that is pure spirit.  Pure light.  Pure energy.  Visualize all
your limitations falling away one by one, until you are safe, healed
and whole.  Know that no matter what is going on in your life,
no matter how difficult things may be, at the very center of your
being you are safe, and you are whole.  You always will be.
Lifetime after lifetime, you are a shining spirit—a beautiful light.
Sometimes you come to this planet and cover your light and hide
it.  But the light is always there.  As you let those limitations go,
and as you recognize the true beauty of your being, you shine
brilliantly.  You are love.  You are energy.  You are spirit.  You are
the spirit of love shining brightly.  Let your light shine.

~Louise Hay
Heart Thoughts: A Treasury of Inner Wisdom

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