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Recipe for Eternal Joy

Seek something in every segment of every day
that brings forth within you the feeling of love.


Abraham-Hicks, March 1, 1991, Austin, TX

Doesn’t that just say it all? I mean, totally and
completely all? How much can I love today and
what can I flow love to? And me flowing love with
my little light gives a twinkle to your little light, even
if you are the tree outside my yard, the plant in my
house I’m about to water. You light up with me lighting
up. Everything lights up when I flow love to it.

How much do I love that? How much do I love to love?
I can’t even begin to count the ways because they are
never ending, each NEW day brings something more
to love.

That’s it, that’s all I ever needed to know!

Love, Bethie

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overlooking the river, you
are brushing my hair, brushing
and brushing my long wet hair,
your brushing a caress,
your own private prayer

and then the tangle, the tug — “I’m
sorry,” you say, and I tell you
“Start at the bottom, brush
from the bottom up,” you have never
been taught to do this

you with your long thick hair
long since childhood, your mother
who picked up a bottle instead of a brush
tangling her memories in her daughter’s
hair, I pick up the brush

show you now on your own tangled hair,
a diversion so you cannot
see my face — messages never sent
from mother to daughter, I send them
now, send the most tender

memories I have of my own childhood,
evening of hair brushed softly,
rolled into socks before bedtime, creating
curls like the ones I brush now,
slowly, methodically, I brush these memories

into your own hair, I brush
my own prayer into
your long dark hair,
brushing love,
brushing safe, brushing home.

~Margo Solod
Some Very Soft Days

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