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I went to church today. The Church of the Great Blue Herons.

Now I know why Washington state has the lowest church attendance.
Why go lock yourself in a building and call it church when you
can go outside and experience church. As in: Be the church.

Did I tell you how much I love living here? No, I don’t love
rain all the time but you never take the sun for granted when
you live here. Never, ever.

So at the Church of the Great Blue Herons and they don’t call
them great for nothin’…these birds are huge, I saw over 50
Great Blue Heron nests and so many Great Blue Herons in one
afternoon, more than I’ve seen in a lifetime.

Off in a stone throws distance, high atop another tall cottonwood:
one solitary bald eagle’s nest. Normally, the two birds and their
nests are not compatible but apparently in the Church of the Great
Blue Herons anything is possible.

Whew, I’m a believer!

In case you want to go to church, too, it’s located at the Black
River Riparian Forest right here in my hometown of Renton, WA.

Love, Bethie

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So Much Beauty

Good morning everyone,

The world is busy with spring.
Now there is so much to notice.

The field by the pond with the
single dandelion, is now the
field by the pond with many

So much to take in, so much beauty.

Yesterday was a good day to renew that tan.
I’m still peeling from the cruise especially
on my arms.

Issie is almost done with her first menstrual
cycle. Who knew how much a female dog
could bleed?! Now I know. My beautiful
comforter doubled as a kotex pad. Thank
Universe for hydrogen peroxide. Thank
google for the 15 minute rinse remedy when
one is over exposed to hydrogen peroxide.

Ah life, isn’t it just so damn good to be alive.
Aren’t you just so blatantly happy you came
forth to be in this body? Don’t you just want to
shine love on everything?

Apparently we do just that. We emit little photons
of light, every living thing does AND this is the best
part: our little lights work in concert with each other.

Yes, this little light of mine, I AM going to let it shine.
And I can see all of you gorgeous souls twinkling out

This world is awash in twinkles.

Love, Bethie

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I would like to write a poem about the world that has in it
nothing fancy.

But it seems impossible.
Whatever the subject, the morning sun
glimmers it.
The tulip feels the heat and flaps its petals open
and becomes a star.
The ants bore into the peony bud and there is the dark
    pinprick well of sweetness.
As for the stones on the beach, forget it.
Each one could be set in gold.
So I tried with my eyes shut, but of course the birds
    were singing.
And the aspen trees were shaking the sweetest music
    out of their leaves.
And that was followed by, guess what, a momentous and
    beautiful silence
as comes to all of us, in little earfuls, if we’re not too 
    hurried to hear it.
As for spiders, how the dew hangs in their webs
    even if they say nothing, or seem to say nothing.
So fancy is the world, who knows, maybe they sing.
So fancy is the world, who knows, maybe the stars sing too,
    and the ants, and the peonies, and the warm stones,
so happy to be where they are, on the beach, instead of being
    locked up in gold.

~Mary Oliver
Why I Wake Early

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