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Hi Friends,

These are some of my notes from the workshops
that Abe did on the Caribbean cruise:

Regarding children with ‘special needs’:
See them as unbroken.  See them as having come
forth with great intention.  Rather than talk about them
as special needs decide that you are going to talk about
them as special.

There will always be a vibrational variance between
the non physical you and the physical you.  That gap
will not be completely closed until you croak.

Say to yourself: “I’m wanting to trust that if this time/
space reality has the ability to produce this desire in
me then it has the ability to deliver it to me.”

To get more in touch with your inner guidance, over and
over they suggested asking these questions:

What does my Inner Being think about this?
I wonder how my Inner Being feels about this?

There is always another level of joy to reach for.

See the contrast as something that all your hopes and dreams
are made of, instead of as something that will overtake you.

Visioning – there is so much leverage in visioning; stay there
long enough to feel that vibration.

In the middle of *that* (hissy) fit, comes *that* clarity.

My Inner Being does not harbor resentment.

All crying is releasing of resistance, that’s why kids cry so easily.

If every student were in the same place, then there would only
be one teacher.

Staying connected says: I will find something and stay in alignment
forevermore, it’s not possible; you can’t not experience contrast
and birth the new desire.

Formula for the absence of fear: focus on what you want.

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