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Abraham Cruise Rocked!

Hi Everyone,

I’ve come home from the Abraham cruise with two new understandings.
One is getting on another level how truly contrast is an
opportunity to open myself to something more. That it really is
exciting and expansive. My new words around contrast are now: ‘oh, goody
I am opening to something more’. And how cute that the Universe responds
to my words, I opened my mail when I got home and there are Amazon gift
certificates that say: ‘oh, goody!’ Amazon loves me, the Universe loves
me. I am loved. And I am loved and supported and safe through
everything including contrast. I really get that on a new level today.

The other thing I took away is another level of allowing. It came through
tapping (eft). First my friend Ahmee introduced a word ‘this’. So I
start by saying: this feeling of whatever. Let’s just say, for example:
‘this feeling of fear, I am giving myself the freedom and the space to
allow this’. I’ve pretty much dropped the ‘even though’ in deference to
opening with ‘this feeling of ________’ and adding that phrase of giving
myself the freedom and the space to allow this and then elucidating in
whatever way as I tap the meridians. I really breathe into the words of
freedom and space and allow – feeling a full and conscious inhalation
and exhalation as I say them. Feeling my body just relax into that.
I’m only saying ‘I deeply and completely love and accept myself’ once or
twice in a given session. It just feels like by now that’s a given, so
let’s get on with it :) because the real meat of it for me is to relax
into allowing and accepting. It has been very profound, I have
definitely found my groove with eft now.

If you would like more information on eft, you can go to

Love all, Bethie

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