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The Abraham Cruise

Hey everyone,

We’re out here on our first full day of Abraham.  My favorite was a really wonderful older gentleman from Denmark.  I think it was Abraham’s favorite, too.  He actually kissed and hugged Abe after their talk.  He started off saying that he had a lot of regrets and felt like
he should kick himself in the “ass” for the things he hasn’t done.  Abraham started off being really gentle with him but then said we think we are going to give you a bit of an “ass chewing”.  Well, that just had us all in laughter. 

One of the things they said that I found particulary soothing was:

There will always be a vibrational variance between the non-physical you and the physical you.  That gap will not be completely closed until you croak.

That’s about the best oar dropping statement I can think of.  So next time I get my
panties in a knot, I can unwad them and remember there’s always that gap.  It’s what puts the eternal-ness in the eternal.

From my window right now all I can see is this vast sea all around us and we are ever
so gently gliding through it.  May you glide gently through your day, too.

Love, Bethie

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