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Cruisin’ with Abe

So this is it.  The Caribbean Abraham Hicks cruise.  I’m off to
travel cross country from Seattle to Ft. Lauderdale and get on
a big boat with a bunch of people who all willingly admit they
listen to dead people.  :)  Just call me crazy.

Gosh, I’ll miss my blog.  I think I am equally uplifted by it as anyone else.
I will try to check in now and then with some tidbits from the cruise.

In the meantime, I leave you with one of my all time favorite Abe quotes.

Bon voyage and Happy Easter to all who celebrate it!
Love, Bethie

If you will decide you’re a soother. You are not vigilant about what’s right
or wrong. You are not a righter of the wrongs of the world. You are not even
the one who is pointing the direction of which way to go. You are soooothers.
You are teachers. A teacher is one who helps others connect to the stream.
You will never demand someone into their connection. You will never harass
someone into their connection. You will never impeach someone into their
connection.  You will never legislate someone into their connection, you see.
You love them into their connection, you allow them into their connection,
you encourage, you well wish them into their connection. And what we’re
wanting you to do is let your connection be of primary importance.

Abraham-Hicks 8/22/98

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