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I have been thinking about jealousy for a while. What do you think are
the reasons of jealousy? i am wondering why is it a negative emotion?


Whenever I feel jealousy, I ask myself what is it I perceive that ‘they’
have that I do not believe I can have. I think it is often about me feeling
that someone has something: beauty, thinner thighs, talent, prosperity,
what have you, that I want and do not believe I can have.

I don’t refer to it as negative or positive emotion. It is just something that
indicates a belief in the moment. You could say it is an opportunity to bridge
the gap between what I believe I can have and what I want.

Jealousy is information that will open a window into understanding yourself
further. In that sense, jealousy becomes a useful tool to transform personal
beliefs. Doing the work on understanding your current beliefs and transforming
them can have surprising benefits. Someday you may find that what was a
common jealousy trigger no longer leaves the sting it used to. In fact, when it
brings you joy to see another’s wealth of resources – material and otherwise,
then you will know your work is done.

Love, Bethie

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Never mind pleasure.  Search out joy.  Pleasure is
its shadow.  But joy is real, a secret splendor
running through all creation.

Like gold, it doesn’t lie about the streets waiting
to be picked up.  It has to be dug for, with diligence
and passion.  It’s in people, to be found through
the practice of love.  It’s in work, in the rigorous
exercise of powers of mind or body or spirit.  It’s a
gift the created world is perpetually offering; the
price of it is untiring attention to the present
moment.  It is to be found always and only in the
contemplation of reality.

Hunt it down, pursue it, track it to its lair where
it dwells.  Not in pleasures and pastimes, distractions,
piled-up satisfactions, and busyness.  It dwells in truth,
and nowhere else.

That’s why it matters.  It will show you moment by
moment where truth is for you.  And when you know that,
cleave to it, turn not aside, be given up to that.  That,
if you will will, is a way of life worth living.

~Fae Malania

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