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A thought which says:

“I’m a bad person,’

produces a negative feeling.

However, if you do not have
such a thought, you will not
have the feeling.

Change the thought and the
feeling must go.


I am now willing to see only
my magnificence.

I now choose to eliminate from
my mind and life every negative,
destructive, fearful idea and thought.
I no longer listen to or become part
of detrimental thoughts or conversations.
Today no one can harm me because I
refuse to believe in being hurt.  No matter
how justified it may seem to be, I refuse to
indulge in damaging emotions.  I rise above
anything that attempts to make me angry or
afraid.  Destructive thoughts have no power
over me.  Guilt does not change the past.

I think and say only what I want to have created
in my life.

I am more than adequate for all I need
to do.

I am one with the power that created me.

I am safe.

All is well in my world.

~Louise Hay
Heart Thoughts: A Treasury of Inner Wisdom

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