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I just watched this movie on Sunday and I feel as if it’s
already having an incredible impact.

Every single concern I have can be turned into an affirmation.
Well actually my concerns are affirmations they are just not
what I am *intending* to affirm.

I just had this moment in the kitchen. One of those ‘what if’
moments – fearful kind. I just stopped myself and stated:

everything will unfold perfectly.

Within a couple of minutes I check my email in my office
and everything actually did unfold perfectly.

Louise Hay talks about this in the film, doing the affirmations
and tiny miracles appearing. They may not happen overnight
but happen they do.

I’ve been working on creative projects that I was initially so
excited about and then began to experience huge doubt.
Using the affirmations again turned around my doubt; and,
just in the last 24 hours I’ve gotten some very positive
responses to this project.

So easy, so simple.

It is living with intention.

Love, Bethie

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