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Watching disc two now of this movie, this section
is available only in the expanded version of the
movie. It contains further and extensive interviews
with the spiritual teachers that are in the final cut of
this film.

Louise Hay said an affirmation that just felt like the
mother lode of all affirmations:

only good lies before me.

Can you imagine if you said that every day, several
times a day, what a vibe lift that is?! Incredible how
stringing a few simple words together can bring forth
a feeling that has such potential to work good things
in our lives. Yum!

And finally I found something that Dr. Christiane Northrup
said that is really profound for women. She is an author,
most notably for Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom.

Here is what she said:

Every time a women is in her power, she upgrades
everyone and everything around her…

Whenever a woman gets healthier and happier
she heals the earth.

The woman’s body is the reflection of the earth
and everything we do to take care of ourselves
to feel pleasure, to be orgasmically joyous,
heals the entire planet.

Just beautiful!! I’m still working my way thru disc 2
of this movie – I’ll be back if I find anymore gems.

only good lies before me — Louise Hay

Love, Bethie

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