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I had the opportunity last night to watch Louise Hay’s new
movie You Can Heal Your Life. It’s really a
beautiful, heart-warming and inspiring film. I highly
recommend it.

Many spiritual teachers are in it including Jerry and Esther
Hicks, though no mention of Abraham or channeling.
Louise Hay, by the way, got her start in the Church of
Religious Science (Science of Mind).

Louise Hay is a lover of affirmations. I haven’t played
with affirmations very much. I was attracted to the idea
of it though because it’s so simple. I love the concept
of beginner’s mind and keeping it easy – sometimes the
more teachers I’ve read, the more complicated I seem
to make it.

Just the past couple of weeks I’ve been having nightmares.
It started when I went on a vacation and continued after I
came home. So last night before I went to sleep I used a
few affirmations:

All is well.
I am safe.

I just kept repeating them and breathing into them and it sure
helped that my dog Izzie was snuggled right up against me,
so before long I felt this overwhelming peace. So much so
that I decided to pass it on. I sent it out in the Universe to
anyone who was asking for it, playing kind of a vibrational
tag-you-are-it. It feels so good to leave a vibrational mark
in the Universe that is recyclable.

And you guessed it, no nightmares. I also slept more soundly.

Here are a few more affirmations from the movie. I’m going
to get her affirmation kit which looks like a lot of fun to play
with and I’ve got the extended version of her movie, so if
I come across anymore goodies, I’ll be sure to pass them on.

Everything will appear at the right time.

This is the best decade of my life.

I love you very much, _________. (fill in your name)
You are perfect just the way you are.

LH recommends you say those two lines above in the mirror
frequently and preferably using your name.

I am motivated by Love.

I forgive and I set myself free.

I love and approve of myself.

You can tailor your own affirmations to whatever you
are working on or healing. And don’t worry if saying
any of them makes you feel uncomfortable, just keep
doing them, little miracles just might start showing up.

Good day to all.
Love, Bethie

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