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Abraham Cruise Rocked!

Hi Everyone,

I’ve come home from the Abraham cruise with two new understandings.
One is getting on another level how truly contrast is an
opportunity to open myself to something more. That it really is
exciting and expansive. My new words around contrast are now: ‘oh, goody
I am opening to something more’. And how cute that the Universe responds
to my words, I opened my mail when I got home and there are Amazon gift
certificates that say: ‘oh, goody!’ Amazon loves me, the Universe loves
me. I am loved. And I am loved and supported and safe through
everything including contrast. I really get that on a new level today.

The other thing I took away is another level of allowing. It came through
tapping (eft). First my friend Ahmee introduced a word ‘this’. So I
start by saying: this feeling of whatever. Let’s just say, for example:
‘this feeling of fear, I am giving myself the freedom and the space to
allow this’. I’ve pretty much dropped the ‘even though’ in deference to
opening with ‘this feeling of ________’ and adding that phrase of giving
myself the freedom and the space to allow this and then elucidating in
whatever way as I tap the meridians. I really breathe into the words of
freedom and space and allow – feeling a full and conscious inhalation
and exhalation as I say them. Feeling my body just relax into that.
I’m only saying ‘I deeply and completely love and accept myself’ once or
twice in a given session. It just feels like by now that’s a given, so
let’s get on with it :) because the real meat of it for me is to relax
into allowing and accepting. It has been very profound, I have
definitely found my groove with eft now.

If you would like more information on eft, you can go to

Love all, Bethie

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The Abraham Cruise

Hey everyone,

We’re out here on our first full day of Abraham.  My favorite was a really wonderful older gentleman from Denmark.  I think it was Abraham’s favorite, too.  He actually kissed and hugged Abe after their talk.  He started off saying that he had a lot of regrets and felt like
he should kick himself in the “ass” for the things he hasn’t done.  Abraham started off being really gentle with him but then said we think we are going to give you a bit of an “ass chewing”.  Well, that just had us all in laughter. 

One of the things they said that I found particulary soothing was:

There will always be a vibrational variance between the non-physical you and the physical you.  That gap will not be completely closed until you croak.

That’s about the best oar dropping statement I can think of.  So next time I get my
panties in a knot, I can unwad them and remember there’s always that gap.  It’s what puts the eternal-ness in the eternal.

From my window right now all I can see is this vast sea all around us and we are ever
so gently gliding through it.  May you glide gently through your day, too.

Love, Bethie

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Cruisin’ with Abe

So this is it.  The Caribbean Abraham Hicks cruise.  I’m off to
travel cross country from Seattle to Ft. Lauderdale and get on
a big boat with a bunch of people who all willingly admit they
listen to dead people.  :)  Just call me crazy.

Gosh, I’ll miss my blog.  I think I am equally uplifted by it as anyone else.
I will try to check in now and then with some tidbits from the cruise.

In the meantime, I leave you with one of my all time favorite Abe quotes.

Bon voyage and Happy Easter to all who celebrate it!
Love, Bethie

If you will decide you’re a soother. You are not vigilant about what’s right
or wrong. You are not a righter of the wrongs of the world. You are not even
the one who is pointing the direction of which way to go. You are soooothers.
You are teachers. A teacher is one who helps others connect to the stream.
You will never demand someone into their connection. You will never harass
someone into their connection. You will never impeach someone into their
connection.  You will never legislate someone into their connection, you see.
You love them into their connection, you allow them into their connection,
you encourage, you well wish them into their connection. And what we’re
wanting you to do is let your connection be of primary importance.

Abraham-Hicks 8/22/98

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If you can observe the mechanism at work
without getting wrapped up in it, you will find
that you possess a second perspective, one
that is always calm, alert, detached, tuned in
but not overshadowed.  That second place
is your center. It isn’t a place at all but a close
encounter with the silent witness.

~Deepak Chopra

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A Yearning

We have placed in you
a substance, a seeking,
a yearning, and

We are watching over it
and won’t let it be lost,
but will bring it to its
destined place.


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It is necessary for me to see the first point of
light which begins to be dawn.  It is necessary
to be present alone at the resurrection of Day, in
the blank silence when the sun appears.  In this
completely neutral instant I receive from the
Eastern woods, the tall oaks, the one word “Day”,
which is never the same.  It is never spoken in
any known language.

~Thomas Merton

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I have been thinking about jealousy for a while. What do you think are
the reasons of jealousy? i am wondering why is it a negative emotion?


Whenever I feel jealousy, I ask myself what is it I perceive that ‘they’
have that I do not believe I can have. I think it is often about me feeling
that someone has something: beauty, thinner thighs, talent, prosperity,
what have you, that I want and do not believe I can have.

I don’t refer to it as negative or positive emotion. It is just something that
indicates a belief in the moment. You could say it is an opportunity to bridge
the gap between what I believe I can have and what I want.

Jealousy is information that will open a window into understanding yourself
further. In that sense, jealousy becomes a useful tool to transform personal
beliefs. Doing the work on understanding your current beliefs and transforming
them can have surprising benefits. Someday you may find that what was a
common jealousy trigger no longer leaves the sting it used to. In fact, when it
brings you joy to see another’s wealth of resources – material and otherwise,
then you will know your work is done.

Love, Bethie

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