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Trust What You Create

If you find yourself denying that you created a
portion of your experience, and you don’t want to own it as your
creation, simply look at it. Say, “Isn’t this interesting – I do
this all of the time. I don’t want to own what I am creating. If I don’t
like it, I blame someone else. Let me see how long I will do this, and
let me come up with a solution to develop a different pattern of
behaviour.” Don’t judge yourself. Begin to say to yourself, “I will
accept responsibility for all that I am involved in. I will accept
responsibility for everything that happens to me. If I don’t like what
is happening to me, I will begin to ask myself why I create things that
I don’t like. Maybe it’s to get my attention about something so that I
can change what is really not working for me that I cannot see.” Always
act as if there is an impeccable purpose to everything you do. Act as if
your highest good and your highest opportunity involve working through
every event you are involved in. Always act that way. It you are
walking down the street and someone says, “I’ve got a gun in your back;
lets have your purse,” act as if you are being given an opportunity for
your highest growth. You never know what the results are going to be if
you begin to act this way. When you act as if, you act without knowing
and without expectation. This is an attitude. If you all could have
this attitude and act as if every event is designed to propel you
further in your growth and awareness, then you might turn around and
become conscious that the person holding the gun in your back is a
counterpart or portion of yourself. You might be able to heal
something; you might be given an opportunity to do something you are
afraid of.

Do not be afraid of what you create. Trust what you create. Trust that
there is always something in it for you. Do not sweep your dramas under
the rug as if they are dirty old horrible things and you never wish to
see them again. Get finished with these dramas: stop cycling in them
and being lost in them. However, understand that the drama you have had
with your mother, your brother, your sister, your lover is something
you may use 20 years later to come to a whole new spiritual
realisation. So let these life dramas be like a file for you. Finish
them up, resolve them as best you can, create peace, accept your part
in them, and then let them cycle back through your consciousness to
teach you something. Let them be ongoing treasures of experience for
yourself rather than hackles that you want to get past.

The Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniak
excerpted from Bringers of the Dawn

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