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There’s this thread that runs through the fabric of the Universe
it’s that well being, everything seeks balance thread. It’s the
Love Factor woven into everything.

And because of that, basically everything moves toward that
end of balance/well being. Everything flows in the direction of

Translated very simply it means to me that basically everything
works out eventually.

Mardi Gras go on, cities are re-built, lives are lived to tell funny or
painful stories and everything in between as everything moves
in its own way towards Love.

New mantra: Everything always works out for me. Everything.

I wrote the above to a friend of mine and then I sort of went about
my day and here’s what happened — I had two opportunities to live
this today:

Everything always works out for me. Everything.

I love that. I think I’ll take it out of my new mantra file and put it in my
new beliefs file, snuggled up to my Bethie Adores Being Alive file and
not far from my I Live in A Benevolent Universe File.

Love, Bethie

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“He was dead before they pushed him in the river” – overheard conversation

Actually, it was a creek.  And he
wasn’t really dead, just
banged up a little.  And we
didn’t really push

him in.  We wanted to,
spoke of it incessantly;
who would lead
him on, distract him, who

would hide behind the white oak tree,
who would do the deed.
To tell the truth, we never really
hit him though we dreamed

it every night, some with fists,
with rocks, with whisky
bottles rescued from the trash.
Some dreamed of two-by-fours, rough,

splintered.  We all dreamed of
mighty blows.  Okay, there wasn’t
any river, none of us had seen
a real one, only on TV.  We

lived in
alleys.  But
there should
have been
a river.

~Margo Solod
Some Very Soft Days

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