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World Loves Many Faces

Now that I’m no longer doing LOA and it’s not doing me,
whatever that means besides pure and utter blasphemy;
I’ve discovered this special place: The World of Many Faces.

I found myself a SourPuss this morning. I did not go
searching for thoughts to support my SourPuss-ness. No.
“I woke up this way”, I told myself. I made no attempt to
soothe this SourPuss. I let her be in all the glory that a
SourPuss could possibly garner. And that’s a lot, I discovered.
There’s a whole range of emotions just waiting to be tapped
into in the World of SourPuss.

And you should know that good things happen to SourPuss-es,
too. This SourPuss had the sun, a rainbow, a Latte with a
chocolate covered espresso bean perched atop the cup’s lid.
A quick and easy physical followed by a painless blood draw.
This from the kid who never brings her veins to a blood draw.

Yes, the world loves it all. World loves many faces, all faces.

And I’ve come to know that good things happen just so I can say
thank you.

So, yes, indeed…

Thank you.

Love, Bethie

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Breathing: you invisible poem! Complete
interchange of our own
essence with world-space. You counterweight
in which I rhythmically happen.

Single wave-motion whose
gradual sea I am;
you, most inclusive of all our possible seas —
space grown warm.

How many regions in space have already been
inside me. There are winds that seem like
my wandering son.

Do you recognize me, air, full of places I once absorbed?
You who were the smooth bark,
roundness, and leaf of my words.

~Rainer Maria Rilke

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