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I recently bumped into a completely new (to me) channel named Carrie who channels Quado.  Below is a quote from Carrie/Quado and following that, my comments:

“Today would be a wonderful day to just let things fall into place,
easily, on their own. So many parts of your life are actually
oddly-shaped and you are trying to fit them into a pattern you laid out.
Here they are, pieces large and small with odd bits that jut out here
and there, and you have formed a pattern with perfectly square and round
holes into which you are now trying to fit your life. And all these
pieces of your life are protesting loudly as you apply pressure, as you
try to twist and turn them until they somehow can fit. And in the
process, you must make them smaller and you must cut off the most
interesting parts.”

So I was thinking about this.  And you know how Abraham talks about staying out of people’s pies.  I started thinking about it in terms of staying out of other people’s pegboards.  Don’t we all have someone in our life who ‘colors outside the lines’ or lives outside the box, the square peg/round hole or better stated the way Carrie/Quado illustrates it.  These kind of oddly shaped pegs with irregular borders that sort of defy being pounded into anything that defines and limits them.

I’ve got a couple of those oddly shaped peg board people in my life.  In fact I’m one of them and so it’s no surprise that I would find myself getting up close and personal with other oddly shaped peg boards.  :)  I know it sounds impersonal and nonsensical, at best, but bear with me here…

Someone very close to me is what I’ve labeled a drug addict and as one who is throwing her life away.  Another person very close to me, has frontal lobe brain injuries, I’ve labeled him as aggressive and occasionally socially inappropriate.  Isn’t that interesting, not only am I in their pies/pegboards but I’m also attempting to cut off the edges of those little pegs, and make them more what I would call ‘regular’.

If I step away from the peg board and remember that I wouldn’t want anyone shoving my square peg in their round hole…and remember that drug abuse, violence, all of that are infinite flavors that we get to experience on life’s buffet, infinite choices.  Why would I label any of them bad?  From my soul’s perspective why would I limit anyone and their choices.  I wouldn’t, it’s only from my human perspective that can choose fear that I would label something, anything bad.  But my human perspective is also awake, alive and aware…I can CHOOSE differently.  I can actually open myself to my soul’s perspective that is so all encompassing that I haven’t even got the capacity to put it into words  The soul embraces it all.

I just felt tremendous relief in realizing that, like I’ve made this giant step forward into actually donning the perspective of who I really am, my soul that embraces it all – with all the interesting edges, not willing to trim off or limit any of it.   And when I can do that, all the guilt and the shame associated with any of this just kind of melts away, it’s a moot point.  Guilt and it’s kissing cousin, shame, you know they only exist in that limited human framework where we feel fear and label this as good and this as bad.  Out in the nether regions of who I really am, good and bad are concepts that don’t exist.
Love, Beth

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