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What is God?


We don’t use the word God, because man has already decided what God is.
And what man has decided, God isn’t.

– Boca Raton, FL workshop 11-3-07

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The Silence

Though the air is full of singing
my head is loud
with the labor of words.

Though the season is rich
with fruit, my tongue
hungers for the sweet of speech.

Though the beech is golden
I cannot stand beside it
mute, but must say

“It is golden,” while the leaves
stir and fall with a sound
that is not a name.

It is in the silence
that my hope is, and my aim.
A song whose lines

I cannot make or sing
sounds men’s silence
like a root.  Let me say

and not mourn: the world
lives in the death of speech
and sings there.

~Wendell Berry
Collected Poems 1957-1982

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I Am

I am…

crafted from the rib
of Divine Wisdom

I am…

nuzzling in the neck
of Eternal Expansion

I am…

both the sow’er of Miracles
and the Miracle itself.

I am.

~elizabeth adams

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