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Sitting down to read eat pray love is like eating a box of chocolates.  Can I eat just one?  Yes, I think I can.  The future headline reads: Woman breaks Guinness Book of World Records Longest Time to Read New York Times Bestseller.  I’ll put the award right next to my Emmy for Drama Queen. :)

You see, I once thought everything I needed to know, I really did learn in kindergarten.  That was really a sham developed by well meaning kindergarten teachers.  I’m fairly certain everything I need to know is really in this one little book: eat pray love.  And so I’m still reading, still savoring.  With any luck, I’ll still be blogging on this book well into the next generation.   And maybe by then we can come up with a name that doesn’t rhyme with flogging. :)  A girl can dream, can’t she?

Here’s a few one liners from the book, just to illustrate how much there is to learn:

“To know God, you need only to renounce one thing — your sense of division from God.”

“…the rules of transcendence insist that you will not advance even one inch closer to divinity as long as you cling to one last seductive thread of blame.”

“…what kind of prayer is this to imbibe: ‘give us this day our daily grudge?’ ”

“Guilt’s just your ego’s way of tricking you into thinking that you are making moral progress.  Don’t fall for it, my dear.”

“God never slams a door in your face, without opening a box of girl scout cookies.”

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The Other Kind Of Time

Let’s journey now
to the other kind of time
where we’ve known each other
for centuries, beneath our names,
beneath our pain, to the other side
where we can stop to listen
the way fox listen to the night.

Come with me out of the cold
where we can put down the
notions we’ve been carrying
like torn flags into battle.

We can throw them to the earth
or place them in the earth, and ask,
why these patterns in the first place?
If you want, we can repair them,
if they still seem true.  Or we can
sing as they burn.

Come.  Let’s feel our way
beneath the noise where we
can ask what it means to be alive
and lift our chins from the stream
like deer who’ve outrun
all the hunters.

Mark Nepo~Surviving Has Made Me Crazy

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