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The Time of Noon

When you’re alone at night
and the old memories you call back
to help you do the things
that will put you to sleep
don’t work any more
and even the aphrodisiac of magazines
                                         doesn’t help
and there is no place to go, no one to call
try thinking about the sun.

The way it catches in the trees sometimes.
The way it follows you while riding in a car
The way it plays in the hair of strangers on the beach.
The way it climbs hills with you and pushes you from bed
                                                                    in morning.

Think about the time of noon
when everybody’s just a little crazy.

Remember that the cliffs are white and steep
and you’ll grow tired climbing them
                                           tired enough to sleep.

What you’re thinking about
isn’t really the cause of perspiration on your forehead
                              it’s only the sun.
It’s just the time of noon.

Rod McKuen~Listen to the Warm

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