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Magic Afoot & Desire

It just never seems to cease amazing me how innate desire is.
How I can’t be conscious and not have desire. It’s almost like breathing.

And what’s even more marvelous is that you can have these kind of
free floating desires and always you are being answered in some way.
I really believe you are always being answered.

I walked out the door this afternoon, the sun is shining and
I went for a walk just thinking and not even really aware that I’m thinking
how nice a hike would be right now, right here. I already know of a
hiking trail right down the block but I’m not looking for me & my dog Issie
to take a mud bath. Enjoying my walk anyway – I just don’t ever take the
sun for granted around these parts. I round the corner and see a storm
drainage area between two houses. I think: let me go see if it goes anywhere.
I discover this trail paved in gravel, no mud and lo and behold right around the
block from me and I’ve lived here now almost 3 years! And the trail leads me
to a big pond with ducks! The stream in my backyard goes to this very pond
that I didn’t even know about.

Sometimes it feels like there is magic afoot in almost everything —
big and small and all that’s in between.
I can’t think of anything more perfectly gorgeous than that.

Love, Bethie

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